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vrijdag 1 juli 2016

Nail Art Compilation

Hello there !
I've been doing a lot of nail art lately , so i thought that it would be fun to make a post with all the nail arts i've made in the past few weeks .
I use a lot of gel polishes now , and of course all of my regular polishes are getting some tlc too ! I've discovered something that turns your regular polish into a gel polish , called Gelibility
It's truly a fun thing (i do believe it excists quite some time , but it's new to me ...) , you need the Stick It! basecoat and the Fix It! mixing gel/topcoat . 50% regular polish and 50% Gelibility Fix It ! Mix well , and cure in your LED lamp for 60 sec or in a UV for 120 sec's. You have to prep your nails like you would do with a real Gel or Gelpolish , apply a thin coat of Stick It! , cleanse , apply 2 to 3 coats of your polish mix and a 4th coat with Fix It Alone . Mix well , and cure in your LED lamp for 60 sec or in a UV for 120 sec's ... i'll try to do a post on this particular product soon . I also am testing a Product that's called Gel Touch ( i used it in my manicure i've done for my Born Pretty review) , Apply you regular nailpolishes like usual , make sure it's completely dry ( 30 min to 1 hr ) and then apply one or 2 coats of Gel Touch , cure it in your LED lamp for 60 sec's or in a UV for 120 sec's . Gives you a gel wear effect , looks like gel and it should make your manicure last for 14 days .
Still testing this out , i'll do a post of this product too ...

So i haven't bought a lot of makeup lately , however a bought meself crazy on nail art stuff :)
I have discovered a few fun webshops where i buy all of my supplies ... i list of those will come in a later post .

So now on to all the creativity i had :D , some are inspired by a few of my favorite youtuber's and a lot of them are my own inspiration . I can't remember what i've used for most of them , but i'll try to give you as much info of what i've used , as i can remember :D
Get ready for a loooooooooooong post with tons of pictures (forgive me the bad quality of some of them ... )

I hope you enjoy and let me know if you would like to see more nail art / reviews !

 I used Orly Smartgels in Hook Up and a stamping nail art . Stampingpolish is Konad Pastel Green ... can't remeber which designs ....

 A gradient mani using PinkGellac colors , can't remember which ones 

 All Gelpolishes , the green and pink are from PinkGellac , the purple one is a thermo gelpolish from Mixcoco . The green nail is with Fimo flowers and some glitters i've bought on Banggood , The pink nail is stamped with white gelpolish from Gelish and after i've cured it a applied some neon pink pigment over the tacky layer , the purple nail is stamped with a stampingpolish from Moyou i think . Stamping designs (flowers) are from a Yourscosmetics by Sascha Gossen plate i think ...

 Gelpolish from PinkGellac Precious Lila , striping design was a plate from Bundle Monster and i used Konad Purple stampingpolish , the flower and butterfly are from a Born Pretty Store plate , i think , stamped with Konad Black . Glitter is from Banggood .

 This is created with Art Pasta Gel from Diva , the basecolor is a purple gelpolish and a neon purple pigment from Dashicashop on top . I've colored the flower and leaf with pigments from Metoenails (i applied it before i've cured the flower)
and the heart of the flower is a pearlescent studd , from Born Pretty Store 

 I've used regular polishes here : Orly Liquid Vinyl , my pinky finger has a glitterpolish from Essence (can't remember which one) , indexfinger has a waterdecal from Born Pretty Store , The ringfinger is a stampingdesign from Moyou Kitty Plate nr15 and Moyou staping Polish White Knight , and the dottingdesign is with a white nailpolish from Essence ... My polish wasn't dry enough before i applied topcoat , that's why my designs are  looking smeared out 

 A White gelpolish as basecolor (from PinkGellac) , design from a Pueen stampingplate (SE nr ... , it's from the Encore Set) and i used sharpies for the coloring 

 First one is made with a regular holograpic nailpolish from Essence , stampingdesign from a Moyou plate ( from the Pro XL collection , i believe )
Colored with Sharpies . Second one is a nailpolish fro Moyou (i think Café au Lait or Skin Silk) , stamped with a Moyou color too ... can't remeber which one , design from Moyou Bridal Plate (nr 6 , i think) and strass are from Born Pretty Store

 First one is with Regular nailpolish , one from Essence , triple stamped . The patterns are from Moyra Fabric Texture plate and the flower is from Über Chic plate 7-01 , can't remember whic stampingpolishes i've used . Second one is regular nailpolish Holographic , i used a jelly polish on top that i've made myself and a stampingdesign , 3the is a white gelpolish from PinkGellac and i did a dry marbling with 3 other gelpolishes , i think it was Orly Smartgel Summer Sunset , PinkGellac Sunshine Yellow and Coral Red , last one is a Gelpolish from PinkGellac in Nude Orange and a reverse stamping design . Can't remember which plate or polishes ...

 First is PinkGellac Aquamarine Blue , i believe , Waves are from Moyou Sailor Plate 07 , the duck is a reverse stamping design and i used Moyou Sailor plate 02 . 2nd is PinkGellac Asphalt Grey , topcoated with a Matte Gel Topcoat , stamped with Dashicashop stampingpolish (don't remember which one) and the design is from Moyou Fashionista plate nr 08
 Middle 2 : Pink Gellac Army Green and the design is from Moyou Kitty nr 15 , the teal one is PinkGellac Ocean Blue , and a kitty design from Bundle Monster Square plate BM-S162 , stamped with a yellow polish from Dashica 

 1ste one is a decal i've made with Essence white nailpolish and the dripping method : colors are from CND and Catrice 
Second one is PinkGellac Night Blue , curly design from Moyou Sailor plate nr. 07 and the tiny designs from Moyou Sailor 01 , stampingpolishes are all Moyou i think ...

 1nd one is PinkGellac Aquamarine Blue , stampingdesigns from Moyou Sailor 07 and 01 , stampingpolishes are all Moyou too (don't remember which ones)
2nd one is PinkGellac Night Blue and all designs are from Moyou Sailor 01 , Stamped with Moyou White Knight , Konad Gold and a reverse stamp with a Red Stampingpolish from Dashica

 PinkGellac Asphalt Grey as Base , design is from Bundle Monster Square plate BM-S151 Wild Eyes , i've stamped with Moyou Gold Espresso , green is Moyou Key Lime and a pink from Dashica 

 Index and pinkyfinger : basecolor is Chinaglaze Immortal , topped off with ColorClub Plus One , middle 2 are Moyou Bahamas Punch , Stampingpolish Moyou Beach House , designs are Moyou Cook Book 08 
 Base , Pinkgellac Gipsy Blue , stampingdesign ... i think it was a Yourscosmetics plate , Star i made with Gold Acrylic and a mold i've bought at Born Pretty Store , also the studs are from BPS 

 A Gelibility / PinkGellac Manicure : Index and Pinky are created with a gelibility Mix , i used a essence polish and a Maybelline glitterpolish (can't remeber which ones) , middle fingers are PinkGellac Gibsy Blue
Stampingdesigns are from Moyou Tropical 02 , stamped with several color from Mundo de Unas 
 Also a Gelibility / PinkGellac Manicure : Pinky and index is a Gelibility Mix with OPI Green on the Runway , middle are Pink Gellac Glitterize Black
Design from Über Chic plate 9-02 , stampingpolishes are all Dashica i think . I've made a gradient stamping here 
This was just a trial with acrylic paint on a mixing plate :)
A PinkGellac Gradient Manicure : Colors are Caribbean Blue , Sunshine Yellow and i've mixed those with Soft White to create a pastel look . 
Designs are all from Yourscosmetics by Sascha Gossen Plate Tropical Treat , stamped with Moyou Black Knight
Several trials : First i used Moyra Globetrotter stampingplate , basecolors are from Catrice . 2nd was the trial for one i showd you above :) , 3the is a trial with Acrylic paint , 4th is an attempt for watermarbling , 5th , 6th and 8th a dry marbling with regular polishes , 7th also made with acrylic paint
1st is a PinkGellac Black base , glitterstriping is PinkGellac Luxury Gold , dots with Pink Gellac Soft White and a Stamping design (can't remeber wich one , i believe one on the pueen Encore set plates ... and a Gold stampingpolish)
On top of the white dots a did a Jelly Gelpolish gradient . 2nd is a Gradient PinkGellac (Gipsy Blue , Sunshine Yellow and Coral Red) and a design from Dixie Plates DP-02 , 3th was a trial for the snakeskin technique with gelpolish (i need a lot of practice for this ....) , 4th is PinkGellac Galaxy Lila , reverse stamping with a design from , i think , an Über Chic plate , coloring is with Sharpies , 5th is a Gelibility/OPI mix , clouds are with acrylic paint and the stampingdesign is from Faburnails Fun 15 plate and the last one is a regular polish (can't remeber which) , design also from Faburnails Fun 15 and stampingpolish is ColourAlike B.a Prince
1st a gradient with Colour Club Pastel Neons , stampingdesigns from Moyou Tourist 17 and moyou stampingpolish Black Knight , 2nd PinkGellac Coral Red and dry Marbling with PinkGellac Lovely Pink and Moulin Rouge , glitters are from Banggood . 3rd is PinkGellac Blazin Purple , Design from Ejiubas Henna Plate (i did a reverse stamping , can't remeber the colors i've used) , 4this regular polish : Sinful Colors 322 Let me Go on top of white , design is from Yourscosmetics loves Dieuwertje and i've used an amazingly beautiful stamping polish from ColourAlike B. Lagoon , 5th PinkGellac Moulin Rouge and designs with PinkGellac Lovely Pink and Colour Club Gel Polish Cloud Nine , next was a trial from one you have seen in one of aboves pictures , 7th inspired by pueenqueen on youtube : a Holographic black regular polish from Essence , stampingpolishes from Mundo de Unas and the design is from a Über Chic plate (collection 9 ???) , 8th Regular polish from OPI , and a triple stamping (don't remember the polishes) Stampingdesigns from Moyra Geometric and Moyou Pro 04 , 9th is also Inspired by SarahR on Youtube , Gelpolish design with PinkGellac Gipsy Blue and Kings Blue , stamped with Mundo de Unas Mint and the last one is also inspired by Dixie Girlxox : PinkGellac Softwhite as base , 3 different neon glitters from Violet Voss and stamping design from Dixie Plates DP-02 and Konad Black Stampingpolish 

These are all Gelpolish 

Also all Gelpolish

And some more Gepolish / stamping trials : 1st is a gelibility mix with a pigment from Metoenails , i used 2 different greens for a gradient effect . Can't remember the Stamping polish and designs . 2nd is an inspired one PinkGellac Beautiful Black , i used several gliters from Lecenté and the Stars are from Yourscosmetics by Sascha Gossen .
3th is a Gelpolish from Bundle Monster in Copperhead Charm , stamped with a white polish and once again i can't remeber which plate i've used . Next is a Gelpolish from PinkGellac in Lavender Purple and a made the design with acrylic paint . Last one is PinkGellac Rosy Pink and the design is from Moyou Tropical 15 , stamped with a polish from Dashicashop .

So that's all folks , it was quite a lot and i hope there are a few things you like . 


maandag 27 juni 2016

EOTD : Urban Decay Last Call - Riff - Uncut - Tarte In Bloom palette

Hi there .... once again ... i know it's been a while since i've posted anything .... again ....
You now how life is , i have so much things going on in my life , it's not so easy anymore to take time for the blog . 
However i still try to make post , so i'm not gone forever :)
But i have to deal with it , sometimes it can be so time consuming : editing the pictures etc.

Anyway i did a makeuplook with some of my older makeup ... just because i have so much stuff (i haven't bought anything new lately either , except for some makeupgeek stuff and much nail art related items :) ) 

Urban Decay is and will always be one of my favorite brands , so i used mainly UD for this eyemakeup and my beloved Tarte In Bloom palette ! 
Nothing fancy , i know , i still love the smokey looks gals !


What i used:

Base on the lids : Chanel Illusion d'Ombre Myrifique , blended
Lid and blended into the crease : Urban Decay e/s Last Call
Browbone : UD ABC Gum
Crease , blended up (transition) : Tarte Smarty Pants (In Bloom)
Crease , blended : UD e/s Riff
Deepen up the crease more , blended: Tarte Leader (In Bloom)
Outer lid : UD e/s Uncut
Inner corner : Tarte Funny Girl (In Bloom)
Liner : Physicians Formula Eyebooster Pen U+ltra Black
Waterline : Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Eyepencil Nude
Lower Lashline : UD e/s Uncut , blended out with UD e/s Riff
UD Perversion Mascara Black

maandag 30 mei 2016

Review and test : Born Pretty Store

Hi there ! 
A while ago i received a package from Born Pretty Store , they sent me some items for review :) I had such busy weeks lately , so i'm finally ready with my post ....
Born Pretty Store is well known for their affordable items and especially for nail art supplies . They are located in Singapore , i believe .
I've ordered a few times from them too after i got the review package , so i'm able to give you more info about shipping time as well .
So i want to say a HUGE thank you to Bern Pretty Store for sending me these items ! I'm really happy :)

This is what i've gotten :

A gorgeous Chameleon nail polish
A sheet of hollow stickers
A baggy of flat Chameleon Rhinestones , size 2.4 mm
A nail art wheel of different sizes rhinestones , silver 
And a sheet with Cat water decals , black option 244

 So as i said i also have ordered a few things myself after i received this package . 
Shipping to Belgium was $3 .... really i never paid so little for shipping , this is absolutely amazing !
One day later i got my shipping notification and it took about 4 weeks to delivery . Items were very well packed in bubblewrapping and i received everything in excellent condition .
So you need some patience for the package to arrive , but i don't mind that :)
Everything on their shop is very affordable , the chameleon polishes are a bit more expensive but well worth the money ! These are now on sale btw :) , so grab your chance . $5.99 instead of $15.88
SALE END on 31st May !

So i did this mani with a couple things of the review package ! Hope you like it :)

Items i've used :

OPI nail envy base coat - not shown in picture
OPI nail polish mini A Grape Affair (LE Coca Cola Collection)
Essence nail polish 193 Best Dressed (not sure if this is still available)
Born Pretty Store Chameleon nail polish #33 - sent for review
Born Pretty Store squishy dual stamper  - purchased by me
Born Pretty Store Image plate - purchased by me
Born Pretty Store Nail wheel with different sizes of rhinestones - sent for review
Born Pretty Store Hollow Stickers - sent for review
United Beauty Gel Touch Top Coat - not shown in picture 

The BPS Chameleon nail polish shifts from Purple to teal and i also saw a bit of a pink tint to it . It has different sizes of green glitter . You need to apply this over a dark base color . The polish itself was smooth to apply and dried fairly quickly!

 These are very sticky , so make sure that your nail polish is completely dry before you apply these on your nails . The image looked pretty after i applied the polish , not as crisp as i wanted it , but it looked pretty .

 I'm currently testing this out ... It's a Top Coat that you apply on top of any nail polish and all you have to do , is cure it for 60 sec in a LED lamp and then remove the tacky layer .
Your polish should be flawless for 10 days ... 

 I primed the stamper by using acetone and cleaned the plate with acetone 
The image transfered very nicely on my stamper without any issues , i had crisp lines and transfered on my nails beautifully !

Beautiful variety of different shapes , rounds , bows , flowers , squares ..

How i did it :

1 applied 1 coat of OPI Nail Envy Base Coat 
I applied 2 coats of OPI nail polish A Grape Affair on my thumbs , pinks and indexfingers
I applied 2 coats of Essence nail polish Best Dressed on my middle and ringfingers
Then i applied the BPS hollow stickers with the flowers on the nails i've painted with the OPI color and applied one , fairly thick coat of the BPS Chameleon nail polis #33 and removed the stickers immediately .
I stamped with Moyou Stamping polish Key Lime on my middle and ringfinger and used the flowers from the BPS image plate , i stamped with a pressing motion .
After all this i let my nails dry completely for an hour .
I topped everything off with United Beauty Gel Touch and on the nails where i've applied the chameleon colored flowers , i placed some of the little round rhinestones from the nail art wheel.
Next i've cured it for 60 sec under my LED lamp.
I've applied a second coat of this Gel Touch Top Coat to seal in my rhinestones.
Cleanse with a Gel Cleanser !

"DISCLAIMER : All opinions are my own , items received for review , some purchased by me ."