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maandag 13 oktober 2014

I'm broken , and i don't know how to get through it .... anymore

Since my dad died 2 moths ago , i have no strength to do some makeup looks and blogging lately , but i feel that i need to keep you all updated about what's happening in my life .
Just when i thought that this year couldn't be any worse , the unexpected happened : My mother in law died suddenly on Friday 10/10/2014 .
I loved her so much , she was a great woman and she was more than just my mother in law . 
I'm even more broken now , don't know anymore how i have to go through all this .
Why is life so merciless with me ? I have no words anymore to describe how i feel , i'm empty.
She was also only 65 , way too young .
I will miss her so badly and i hope she's happy now , she was a strong believer of reincarnation . So i hope she will come back in whatever she wants to be in her next life .