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woensdag 30 november 2011

Fyrinnae Halloween 2011 : Swatches

I kow it's a bit late for Halloween Colors :D , but i still wanted to share these with you all !
They are freakin' amazing and they are perfect for the Holiday season too ,
so ...

Top Row : L to R : Purgatory , Book of the Death , Bride of Frankenstein
Bottom Row : L to R : Alchemist's Curse , Raven's Prophecy , Wake not the Death


 Book of the Death

Arcane Magic Bride of Frankenstein

 Arcane Magic Are You My Mummy ?

 Arcane Magic Alchemist's Curse

Arcane Magic Raven's Prophecy

Arcane Magic Wake Not The Death

My favorites : Book of the Death , Alchemist's Curse , Raven's Prophecy

dinsdag 29 november 2011

Darling Girl Diamond Dust and watercolor paint pot : Swatches

Yes , some more swatches today :D

This time : Darling Girls Diamond Dust eye shadows and and 2 Watercolor Paint Pots.
I also have the Rainbow Brite collection , so you will swatches of these soon.
Again , the swatches aren't the best , it isn't easy to capture some of the duochrome effects and glitter. So most of them are a bit blurry because this is how you see the glittery effects more .

Here we go !!

 Top Row : From L to R : Flare , Sushi flower , Totally Teal and Verdant Dream
Bottom Row : From L to R : Lucy In The Sky , Moondust , Wood Sprite and Dark Crystal

 Flare , Sushi Flower , Totally Teal and Verdant Dream

 Lucy In The Sky , Moondust , Wood Sprite and Dark Crystal

 Darling Girl Diamond Dust Flare
reddish brown pearl with red/pink diamond dust shimmer

 Darling Girl Diamond dust Sushi Flower
an amazing iridescent blue/purple with a rainbow of diamond dust sparkle

 Darling girl Diamond Dust Totally Teal
a almost matte teal base with red/pink Diamond Dust glitter

Darling Girl Diamond Dust Verdant Dream
a gorgeous mint green with a soft violet shift and pink 'Diamond Dust'

 Darling Girl Diamond Dust Lucy In The Sky
a gorgeous retro blue with gold iridescence and red/pink diamond dust sparkle

 Darling Girl Diamond Dust Moondust
a gorgeous silvery taupe with tons of 'Diamond Dust'

 Darling Girl Diamond Dust Wood Sprite
a pretty plummy taupe with red/orange flash golden green diamond dust sparkle

 Darling Girl Diamond Dust Dark Crystal
Deep graphite with color shift from lilac, red/silver to greenish blue with red/pink diamond dust sparkle

 This is a sample that susan sent me in my order . It has no name yet 
It's a baby pink watercolor with some gold reflection

Darling Girl Watercolor Paint Pot Pyramid of Skulls
burgundy pearl

My favorites : Sushi Flower , Moondust , Wood Sprite and Dark Crystal

maandag 28 november 2011

Aromaleigh v.2 Starry Night : Swatches

Last week i received my samplesets of Starry Night ! Wow , this collection is sooooooo gorgeous . It was hard to capture the complexity in the colors . But you got the idea of how they look like in real life . So ... Enjoy !

 The Sampleset : 1/8 tsp in each baggie

 Top Row : L to R : Saiph , Antares , Procyon , Betelgeuse
Bottom Row : L to R : Aldebaran , Altair , Rigel , Capella

 Top Row : L to R : Sirius , Spica , Polaris
Bottom Row : L t R : Izar , Shaula , Pollux

Top : Regulus
Bottom : Bellatrix
 AL Alderbaran

 AL Altair

 AL Antares

 AL Bellatrix

AL Betelgeuse

 AL Capella

 AL Izar

 AL Polaris

 AL Pollux

 AL Procyon

AL Regulus

 AL Rigel

 AL Saiph

 AL Shaula

 AL Sirius

AL Spica

My favorites : Shaula , Izar , Rigel , Capella , Regulus , Pollux and Procyon
I love them all , but if i have to choose , it will be these beauties :D
So did you ordered this collection already ? No ... shame on you ! Go check them out now :D : http://www.aromaleigh.com/sharv2.html

zondag 27 november 2011

Aromaleigh V.2 Holiday 2011 Collection : Holly - Days

Hi lovelies !
Aromaleigh goes fast with releasing new collections :D
The newest one for Holiday 2011 : Holly - Days !

Full Size : $ 6.00
Samples (baggies) $ 1.00
Samplesets (baggies)  : $ 16.00

Samples contains 1/8 teaspoon

COLOR DESCRIPTIONS: (Remember, color is subjective, so these are Aromaleigh's color perceptions. They are helpful in assisting with color choice, but everyone sees color differently.)
naughty or nice: a frosted slate cocoa taupe with festive sparks of gold and violet.
secret santa: a warm mid-toned pinky mauve with an aurora borealis of highlight shimmers.
faux eva'green: heathery evergreen frost with a smokey lowlight and with fine subtle colorful glimmer.
more fruitcake?: fruity pumpkin frost with a hint of coral... accented with bright sparks of gold and red.
midnight mess: the darkest purple-indigo toned black with frosted pewter tones and a myriad of sparkle that defies the rainbow.
just be-claus: not your ordinary hot chocolate. This warm mid-toned cocoa frost sparkles with prismatic joy.
snowglobe: The perfect frosty white frost with bright sparks of green floating throughout...
poison pointsettia: Saturated like bright rubies and garnets, a smooth, softly metallic frost with brilliant sparkls of bright blue.
missing batteries: a cool chocolate brown frost with more shiny diamond shimmer than missing batteries at Chriustmas.
it's MY party: perfection in a warm purple frost with contrasting green and aqua shimmy and shine.
peace on ?: perfectly peaceful peachy frost with the brilliance of bright gold and pink sparkles.
little green elves: a neutral heathered greenish greyish frost, with hints of khaki and surprising violet and green sparkkle.
uncorked: medium-toned warm buff mauve-pink fizzy with sparks of champagne pink, brilliant gold and red.
down the chimney: soot and ash has never been so lovely. A cool toned smooth grey frost with bright green sparks and soft golden highlight shimmer.
pass the glogg: neutral perfect light-midtoned buff beige with hints of pink and showers of sparkling radiance.
glisten' in!: warm gold, softly metallic frost with hot sparkles of gold and pink.

vrijdag 25 november 2011

EOTD : Birthday look : Darling Girl : Moon Dust / Graveyard Glamour/ Rainbow Brite / UD Darkhorse

Hi there! Today's my birthday , 32 years young ! So for this special occasion i wanted a sparkly look ( okay i admit it , i don't need any occasion to wear sparkliez :D ) It's a quick look though , cause i still had to work today :D so my time was limited this morning . And it's a bit blotchy on the pics , cause i rubbed my eye a few times during the morning at work .
But i hope you guys still like it ! Have fun today , i have a family dinner this evening !

 Darling Girl Moon Dust

Darling Girl Graveyard Glamour

Darling Girl Rainbow Brite

What i used :

Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the lid
Inner V : DG Rainbow Brite ( Rainbow Brite)
Lid to crease : DG Moon Dust (Diamond dust)
Browbone : UD Sin (Nakes palette)
Crease , blended : UD Darkhorse (naked palette)
Outer Lid , Lower lashline , crease : DG Graveyard Glamour
On top of lid : DG Like , Totally (Pixie Sprinkles) , first applied some extra glitter glue
Waterline : UD 24/7 Yeyo
Liner : Catrice Liquid Liner Black
Black Volume Mascara