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dinsdag 31 juli 2012

Darling Girl : Not An 80's Band - Swatches

I received this one together with my custom collection . 
I have the labeling based on a popular 80's band  , and the collection had another name ... But i've seen on the webshop from DGC that it's now called "Not An 80's Band" and the colors have other names too. 
I think it's renamed for legal purposes , so i will use the new names here and not the old ones .

On to the collection : Not An 80's Band !

L to R : Tell Me Now - Blue Silver - Miles From Nowhere and Razor's Edge

 L to R : One Night Stand - No Sign Of Life - Cut Me Deeper and Shooting Star

L to R : Lonely Sattelite - Dancing On The Sand - On The Hunt and After You've Gone

 Tell Me Now

Blue Silver

 Miles From Nowhere

Razor's Edge

 One Night Stand

 No sign Of Life

 Cut Me Deeper

Shooting Star

 Lonely Sattelite

 Dancing On The Sand

 On The Hunt

After You've Gone

As you can see , this collection has some complex , unique shades !
My fav's are : Miles From Nowhere , Cut Me Deeper , Shooting Star , Dancing On The Sand and after You've gone .
Anything seen you like ?

maandag 30 juli 2012

Darling Girl : Custom Collection and Swatches

Hi Gals !
I have some fun news ! Susan from Darling girl Cosmetics has made a custom collection for me .
I'm going to a big disco party in Antwerp - Belgium in september and i wanted some fun , bright and neon colors. 
I have neons , yes ... but they are matte and i wanted some sparkly ones too !
So i asked Susan to make a custom collection and i ended up with 5 eyeshadows , 1 watercolor paintpot , 1 pixie Sprinkle and 2 Holo Glosses . 
The collection turned out amazing ! 
I gave Susan full credit on this collection . I had so many trust in her skills and this collection confirmed that again ! 
Based on my descriptions of what i want , she made my collection. 
Oh and the funny thing was : she sent me swatches by email with the names of the colors in it and the purple color is named "Studio 54" ... coincidental , the event i'm going to , calls "Studio 54" ! But she didn't knew that ! Funny , not ? :D

So thank you again Susan for this gorgeous custom collection !
Okay , enough of the rambling ... on to the pictures and swatches , shall we ?

"Note: I bought these as a novelty and i'm aware of the fact these colors aren't eye approved in the US"

The collection:

These 2 pictures are from Susan !

 Productpictures with swatch:

 Feel The Funk : has a soft violet undertone with pale purple sparkles

Can You Dig It : has a soft red shift with golden/green sparkles very subtle

 Out - A - Site : has a fairly decent blue duochrome and some violet sparkles

 Studio 54 : has a soft pink glow with green flakie sparkles

 The Hustle : has strong blue sparkle

 Pixie Sprinkle : Discothèque : Holographic gold / silver - for me it also flashes to green

 WCPP Honey Bee : It's like a true gold with golden sparkles

 Holo Gloss Le Freak : Sheer Gold with pink/blue sparkle

Holo Gloss Dancing Queen : Sheer , Neon Pink with gold/pink/blue sparkles

Swatches of the lippies and eyeshadows:

So , what do you think of my custom collection ?

zaterdag 21 juli 2012

EOTD : Darling Girl Cornucopia - Crypt Ceeper - Beso de la Muerte - Mayor's Daughter

Have a great weekend all !

 Maybelline Color Tattoo Pomegranate Punk

 Darling Girl Cornucopia

 Darling Girl Crypt Ceeper

 Darling Girl Beso de la Muerte

 Darling Girl Donner

Darling Girl Mayor's Daughter

Darling Girl AquaLiner IZombie

What i used :

Base : Maybelline Color Tattoo Pomegranate Punk on the lid
Lid : DG Cornucopia
Outer Lid , a bit into the crease : DG Crypt Ceeper (Darling Ghoul Halloween)
Crease , blended up : DG Beso de la Muerte
Inner tear duct : DG Donner ( Darling Deer Christmas)
Lower Lashline : DG Mayor's Daughter (Only One Can Win)
Browbone : WnW Brulee
Waterline : UD 24/7 Stash
Liner : DG Aqualiner IZombie 
Catrice The Giant Volume Mascara Black