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donderdag 29 maart 2012

Another swap!

I also did a swap with this lovely lady from Femputer Makeup
Thank you Darcey for the nice things !

 Lipsticks , gloss , lipbalm , color tattooo , blush , liners and polishes !

 Milani Baked Blush in Fantastico Mauve

 2 WnW polishes : Toad-Ally amazing and Show Me The Money , 1 Milani Polish Awesome Orange

 Milani Liner Eternal

L to R : Milani Mandarina and Grape-tini , NYC The Hot Pinks , WnW Lolly Postar and Jordana Gloss ASAP

woensdag 28 maart 2012

EOTD : Maybelline Color Tattoo Edgy Emerald - DG Redemption - WnW Trashed

I have to say i really love those maybelline color tattoos !
They are so versatile , awesome as a base and on its own !
Next i'm going to try these as a liner :D
Here's a look i did with Edgy Emerald .

 Maybelline Color Tattoo Edgy emerald

 WnW I Love Matte

Darling Girl Redemption

 L'Oreal Infaillible Iced Latte

 L'Oreal Infaillible Endless Pearl

WnW ColorIcon Trashed

What i used :

Browbone : L'Oreal Infaillible Endless Pearl
Arch of the brow , inner corner highlight : L'Oreal Infaillible Iced Latte
Crease , blended : WnW Matte Peach (I Love Matte)
Lid : Maybelline Color Tattoo Edgy Emerald
Crease , blended : Darling Girl Redemption (GWP)
Outer lid : WnW e/s Trashed
Lower lashline : NYX JEP Knight
On top : Darling Girl Redemption (GWP)
Waterline : UD 24/7 Zero
Liner : Essence Gel Liner I Love NYC
WnW Superlength Mascara Black

dinsdag 27 maart 2012

Swatches : Fyrinnae new colors

Fyrinnae has some new colors and i ordered 4 of them . 
The red color *You're was a free sample .
Color descriptions are from the Fyrinnae website !

(Cuddlefish is a vibrant violet, but not an overly cool shade, loaded with varying hues of purple and blue-violet sparkle)

Lorem Ipsum
(Deep shimmery blue, slightly subdued and lighter than navy, enhanced with lime green sparkle)

(Vibrant Kelly/emerald green on black (appears navy in the jar)

(Rich metallic gold over a dark base (like Medieval Haunting but the gold is not as dark), filled with multi-color sparkle)

Free Sample *You're
(This shade is a bright shimmery warm red filled with multi-color sparkle, much like Immortality)

 Anything seen you like ? 
My favorite is definitely Shenanigans and Cuddlefish :D

donderdag 22 maart 2012

EOTD : Glamour Doll Eyes : Strawberry Cupcake - Mighty Maiden - Bird? Plane? - Black Ice and Family Secret

Fun and colorful ... no more words needed :)
Enjoy !

GDE Strawberry Cupcake

GDE Mighty Maiden

GDE Bird? Plane?

GDE Family Secret

GDE Black Ice

UD 24/7 Shadow pencil Clash

What i used :

Crease , blended : GDE Strawberry Cupcake
Base : Medusa's "The Fix" on the lid
NYX Glitter JEP Moonstone on the lower lashline
Lid : GDE Mighty Maiden (Super Shadows)
Outer Lid , Crease , Lower Lasline : GDE Bird? Plane? (Super Shadows)
Inner corner : GDE Family Secret (Twi-Shadows)
Outer V , outer lower lashline , crease : GDE Black Ice (Twi-Shadows)
Browbone : WnW Matte Cream (Greed Palette)
Liner : ELF Liquid Liner Black
Waterline : UD 24/7 Shadow Pencil Clash
UD supercurl Mascara Black

Don't steal my content , i don't steal yours !!

dinsdag 20 maart 2012

EOTD : Aromaleigh Betelgeuse - Capella - Sugarpill Hysteric and Stella

I was inspired by a post of Olga from Olgiepolgie.
I used different colors , and i'm really happy with the result .
Thanks Olga for your inspiration :D

 Maybelline Color Tattoo Bad to the Bronze

Aromaleigh Betelgeuse

 Sugarpill Hysteric

 Sugarpill Stella

Aromaleigh Capella

What i used :

Base : Maybelline Color Tattoo #25 Bad to the Bronze on the lid
Lid : AL Betelgeuse (Starry Night)
Inner corner , inner lower lashline , tear duct : AL Capella (Starry Night)
Crease , blended up and lower lashline : Sugarpill Hysteric
Browbone : L'Oreal Infaillible Endless Pearl
Outer Lid , crease , outer lower lashline : Sugarpill Stella
Waterline : UD 24/7 Lust
Liner : ELF Liquid Liner Black
Catrice The Giant Mascara Black