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woensdag 31 juli 2013

Swatchfest ! Too Faced Loves Sephora palette

Sephora and Too Faced are both celebrating their 15th anniversary .

"This special edition palette incorporates 10 exclusive eye shadows each named for a Sephora and Too Faced iconic moment, person, or memory. Keeping in mind that pigment effects shadow payout, the shadows are created with high concentrations of color, so what you see is what you get—pigment-rich shades with a brilliant finish. Along with blush, shadow primer, several bronzers, and a brush, the Too Faced signature Glamour Guide is included to achieve 15 complete looks."

This is a complete set with everything you need for a full face look  ! It's a perfect palette for travelling . You just have to add a liner , mascara , lipproduct and faceproduct if needed and you're good to go !
I think this would be the palette i'm going to take with me when i'm going on vacation next month ... although i always take much more stuff than needed , LOL

I purchased mine at Sephora.fr

Another fun palette from Too Faced !
So what do you think , a hit or a miss ?  

dinsdag 30 juli 2013

Swatchfest ! Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette

So as promised , i will show you swatches of my newest gems :)
There are tons of stuff to show you , so bare with me because it will take some time before everything is swatched and pictured .

Let's start with Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette . You've already seen 2 looks with this palette .
I'm very happy with this one , it's a fun palette and it has a good mixture of bold and more neutral colors in it.
Most of them are shimmery or have a frosty finish . Just 2 colors are completely matte : Dainty and Charming. And 1 matte black with sparkles : Miss Sparkles. Dainty is a great blendingcolor and i like it when a palette comes with a good blendingcolor and with a black which is in this one a matte with a ton of sparkles !
"Girly" is like MAC's Club , Urban Decay's Lounge , The definer shade in WnW Comfort Zone palette and many indie brands do have a similar color too . So it's not a very new shade or unique shade , there are great dupes for that one. Most of the colors in this palette are replaceable by other colors . Only Badass is a color i cannot think of a dupe. It's a beautiful midnight blue full of sparkles . Maybe ... Aromaleigh's "Bellatrix" from the "Starry Nights" collection is a close one .
The colors are very pigmented , blendable and smooth. 
I purchased mine at Beautybay.com

on to the pictures and swatches !

the 2 looks i did :

 Used : Totally Fetch , Gangsta , Ringleader , Dainty and Badass

Used : Instigator , Gangsta , Badass , Ringleader and Dainty

Would you buy this one ?

maandag 29 juli 2013

EOTD : Too Faced Pretty Rebel : Instigator - Gangsta - Badass - Ringleader

Another look with the Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette .
Enjoy :)


What i used :

Base : Lady Lya Concealer pencil nr. 436 , blended on the lid to browbone
Inner 1/3 of the lid : TF Instigator (Pretty Rebel)
Middle of the lid : TF Gangsta (Pretty Rebel)
Outer V , Crease (blended) : TF Badass (Pretty Rebel)
Above the creasecolor : UD Rapture (Vice palette)
Browbone : TF Dainty (Pretty Rebel)
Inner corner to inner crease : TF Ringleader (Pretty Rebel)
Liner : Maybelline Master Duo Black Laquer
Waterline : Essence 2in1 kajal Toffee&Sweets - Toffee side
Outer 1/2 of lower lashline : TF Badass (Pretty Rebel)
Inner 1/2 : TF Instigator (Pretty Rebel)
L'Oréal False Lash Wings Mascara Black 

zondag 28 juli 2013

EOTD : Fyrinnae Griffonrider - Sleek Tangelo - WnW Lust

I had so much fun with this look , unfortunately my eyes were watery .... darn sensitive eyes !

Not your everyday look , but sometimes it can be fun to play around with makeup :) 

What i used :

Browbone : Sleek Gold nr. 5 (Sunset)
Crease , blended up : Sleek Tangelo (Paraguaya)
Crease , blended : WnW medium matte purple (Lust)
Deeper crease : WnW Sparkly blackened purple on the right (Lust)
Inner corner , lid : Fyrinnae Griffonrider - foiled
outer lid : WnW medium matte purple (Lust)
outer V : WnW Sparkly blackened purple (Lust)
Lower Lashline : Sleek Gold nr. 5 (Sunset)
Waterline : Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Golden
Liner : Stila Liquid Waterproof liner Black
on top : Beauty UK Glitterliner nr.12 purple
on top : Aromaleigh Rocks! Sonic Glitter in Paranoia
Too Faced LashGasm Mascara Black

zaterdag 27 juli 2013

EOTD : Darling Girl : Rapture - Fra Gee Lay - Goth Princess - Bedevil and Sushi Flower

Dark dramatic purple eye ! And i freakin' love it :)
Still so in love with my Darling Girl eyeshadows ... *sigh* 

I have a couple new eyeshadows from DG , Aromaleigh and some new palettes from Too Faced coming up , so i try to make swatches of my newest gems soon :)

In the meantime , enjoy this purple eyelook !

What i used :

Base : NYX JEP in Lavender on the lid and inner corner, blended
Inner 1/2 of the lid : DG Rapture (Cute de Grace)
Outer 1/2 of the Lid : DG Fra-Gee-Lay (Darling girl Christmas Story)
Crease , blended up : DG Bedevil (GWP)
Crease , outer V : DG Goth Princess
Browbone , blended downwards : NYX Pure skin
Lower Lashline : Maybelline Master Smoky Shadow Pencil in Smoky Violet , blended
on top : DG Sushi Flower (Diamond Dust)
Liner : Stila Liquid Waterproof Liner Black
Waterline : UD 24/7 Perversion
Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara Black

donderdag 18 juli 2013

EOTD : Urban Decay Naked and The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude

Hello my ladies ! Hope you're doing great ?
I'm doing pretty good and so does my dad for now . 
He had his first chemo-session this week . 
His next session of 3 days chemo will be mid august ...

Today's look is fairly neutral . I used UD and The Balm for this look .
Nothing fancy , but sometimes a good neutral look can be fun too , right ?

What i used :

Crease, blended up : TB Matt Singh (Meet Matt(e) Nude 2013)
Crease : TB Matt Abdul (Meet Matt(e) Nude 2013)
Browbone : NYX Pure Skin
Lid : UD Sin (Naked)
Outer 1/2 of the lid and outer crease : UD Hustle (Naked)
Outer Lid , darken outer crease : UD Creep (Naked)
Inner corner : UD Virgin (Naked)
Liner : Maybelline Master Precise Liner Black
Lower Lashline : Essence Stays No Matter What Waterproof Liner Grey , smudged
on top and blended : TB Matte Abdul (Meet Matt(e) Nude 2013)

vrijdag 12 juli 2013

EOTD : Fyrinnae Book of the Dead - Te Amo - Freya - Kurisumasu and Velvet Vampire

It's been a while since i used some of my fyrrinae eyeshadows , so it was time to do a look with them :)
Hope you enjoy ! 

I will probably be absent in the next few days ( if i have the chance to upload a post , i'll do that ... i have some pre-scheduled posts ) My father got bad news this week, he's diagnosed with lung cancer . It's still in an early stage and there are no metastases so far , so he has a good survival chance .
He gets his first chemo next tuesday , but he will be in the hospital for a couple days for observation . I'll be with him in those days .

What i used :

Base : Barry M Eyeshadow Pencil Brown Black on the lid , blended
Inner 1/2 of the lid : Fyrinnae : Fyrinnae Book of the Dead
Outer part and slightly in the crease : Fyrinnae Te Amo
Crease , blended up (transition) : WnW peach eyelid color from I Love Matte 
Browbone : Fyrinnae Nijiro
Crease , blended up :  Fyrinnae Freya
To blend Freya a bit more : Sleek Nubuck (Au Naturel)
Inner corner , inner crease : Fyrinnae Kurisumasu!
Liner : Catrice Gel Liner Black Jack with Black Jack
Waterline : Catrice Khol Kajal Ultra Black (Neo Geisha)
Lower Lashline : Yves rocher JEP in Gold Soleil , blended
On top : Fyrinnae Velvet Vampire (Arcane Magic)
Bourjois Volumizer Mascara Black