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dinsdag 16 december 2014

RIP My precious Luna

Here i am , again with sad news ... My fur baby Luna died last friday 12/12/2014 at the age of 13,5 .
I'm still broken and now even more , because i miss him so darn hard . He was my angel , my precious , my everything . He was very brave , but he was really at the end of his disease . I have done everything i could and even now i keep asking myself if i could have done more for him . Was this the right decision ? He didn't eat and barely slept in the last week of his life . Last friday he started to do things that i wasn't used to from him and he made noises that were not his habit ... so i had to made the decision ... this was the most horrible decision of my life ...
I miss him . I'm exhausted , the last 6 months were completely based on the caring of Luna , and i don't regret i did that . I would do it again .

So i'm not sure when i'll be back on the blog , i need some time for myself and i'm looking for 2 new kittens because i need it . I need it to take care of animals , they are my life . So once i'll have the little furbabies , i'm going to spent some time with them , their education is very important and it will take a lot of time .
And of course i will show them to you guys .

But for now i need some time to grieve , my life was a tornado this year . So i hope 2015 will bring me some relief . I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015 . 
Love you all xoxo Luna

maandag 13 oktober 2014

I'm broken , and i don't know how to get through it .... anymore

Since my dad died 2 moths ago , i have no strength to do some makeup looks and blogging lately , but i feel that i need to keep you all updated about what's happening in my life .
Just when i thought that this year couldn't be any worse , the unexpected happened : My mother in law died suddenly on Friday 10/10/2014 .
I loved her so much , she was a great woman and she was more than just my mother in law . 
I'm even more broken now , don't know anymore how i have to go through all this .
Why is life so merciless with me ? I have no words anymore to describe how i feel , i'm empty.
She was also only 65 , way too young .
I will miss her so badly and i hope she's happy now , she was a strong believer of reincarnation . So i hope she will come back in whatever she wants to be in her next life .


zaterdag 20 september 2014

Where have i been - Life Update

Hi girls .
I know it's been such a long time since i have done any blogging , but a lot of things are going on in my life right now . So i wanted to give you all an update . 

Most of you knew that my dad had lungcancer . Unfortunately he died on August 21 , 2014 after a painful battle agains his disease . It's been very hard for me since then , and it seems like i can't find the mood to go on with my own life . I know i have to , and i'm trying . But it's so freakin' darn hard to do that ... I miss my dad so hard . I hope he has found peace now and i hope he is back together with my mum . I have a lot of things that i have to do to make sure everything is arranged from him . I have to take care of my younger brother , who still lived with my dad . He can't take care of himself or his finances , so i'm taking care of that together with another brother of mine . We have to find a new home for him , because my dad's house will be sold .
I'm exhausted , i feel empty , i'm completely broken ... I can't take care of it anymore . I'm losing myself , to be honest with you ... I still have my little Luna , but he's very sick as well . I have to feed him with a syringe every few hours to keep him alive . He's still very sweet , wants to be with me all the time . But i know he will be next i'm going to lose ... 
I'm in the middle of renovations of my rental house , which gives a lot of stress as well . We're trying to complete the renovations by the end of november , so we can rent the house again soon.
So i hope you all understand that blogging is not a priority for me right now . I'm trying to get back with looks and swatches from new stuff i've bought and from a swap i did , but for some reason i can't bring myself to it .

Live has been a hell for my simce more than a year now , and i have more than enough of it . I need to find myself again and i need to find the beauty of life again . I have to go on , i just have to , and i have the feeling that i don't have time to think about my father's death ... Sometimes i wish i could disappear from everything , to scream and cry so *&@"!* loud for all the bad things that happened .... 

Love you all .

zaterdag 2 augustus 2014

EOTD : Sleek Safari & Paraguaya (Inspired by Morgaine's Realm)

An inspired look today ! I saw this look on Morgaine's Realm blog a long time ago , and yeah ... i wanted to recreate it :) I finally found some time to do this look .
I'm not sure which colors she used from these 2 Sleek LE palettes . So this is my version of it :) Hope you like it !

What i used :

Catrice Prime & Fine Eyeshadow Base
Base : Catrice Kohl Kajal pencil 060 Don't Be Mean To Green , blended
Inner half of the lid : Sleek nr. 3 (Safari )
Outer Half : Sleek nr. 10 (Safari )
Crease , blended up (transition) : Sleek Redstone (Paraguaya)
Darken up the creasecolor : Sleek Persimmon (Paraguaya)
Inner corner , inner lower lashline : Sleek nr. 6 (Safari)
Outer V , deepen up the crease : Sleek nr. 12 (Safari)
Browbone : Sleek Sandstone (Paraguaya)
Liner : Catrice Gel Liner It's Mambo nr. 2 
I also smudged some of this liner on the lower lashline with a pencil brush as base
Waterline : Same Gel Liner :)
Lower Lashline : Sleek Nr. 12 & nr. 10 (Safari)
L'Oréal False Lash Wings Mascara Black

vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

EOTD/FOTD : L'Oréal Burst into Bloom - Purple Obsession - Smoldering Plum - Too Faced Behind the Counter - Salted Caramel and Urban Decay Nooner

Long time since i've done this kind of dark purple smoky look , and i really enjoyed it . I was almost forgotten how gorgeous this looks :D
I wore this for a night out , a few weeks ago , with my former collegues . We had a reunion and i had fun that night .

What i used :

Face :
Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream
Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation nr. 55 Dark Beige
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer nr. 53 Dark Radiance
Bourjois Happy Light Ultra - Covering Concealer nr. 21 Ivoire
Maybelline Dream Bouncy Bronzer nr. 80 
Bo-Ho Terra Cotta 05 Terre de Corse
Sleek Rose Gold Blush
Urban Decay Highlighter Glint (Shattered Face Case)
Bourjois Healthy Mix Face Powder nr. 52 Vanilla

Eyes :
Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil Base 1 all over the eye , blended
Crease , blended up (transiotion) : Too Faced Salted Caramel (Chocolate Bar)
inner 1/3 of the lid : L'Oréal Infallible Burst into Bloom
Middle of the lid : L'Oréal Infallible Purple Obsession
Outer Lid , blended to outer crease : L'Oréal Infallible Smoldering Plum
Deepen up the crease and blended up : UD Nooner (Naked 3)
Deepen up the crease more : Too Faced Behind The Counter (Too Faced Loves Sephora)
Inner corner : L'Oréal Infallible Iced Latte
Browbone : L'Oréal Infallible Endless Pearl
Waterline , smudged to lower lashline : Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner Aubergine
Lower Lashline : UD Blackheart (Naked 3)
Blended out with UD Nooner
Liner : Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Waterproof Precision Pen Perversion
Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara Black

Lips :
MUA Lip Gloss - shade 4 (Golden bronzy - rosy color)

dinsdag 29 juli 2014

EOTD : L'Oréal Color Riche L'Ombre Pure Smoky 306 and Lumiere 502 - Golden Black Quad

I found these little eyeshadows from L'Oréal at the drugstore the other day . These are the new ( new in Belgium anyway :D ) Color Riche L'Ombre Pure Gel-infused eyeshadows . I bought 4 of them . They are amazing ! So pigmented , long lasting , smooth ... anyways these are a dream . Now i want more of these . Unfortunately we have a very tiny selection of shades overhere :(

What i used:

Fergie by WnW Eyeprimer
Milani ShadowEyez Almond Cream all over the eye , blended
Base on the lid , blended : NYX JEP Dark Brown
Inner 1/2 of the lid , applied with a damp brush : L'Oréal Color Riche L'Ombre Pure 306 Smoky Place Vendôme
Outer 1/2 of the lid and blended into the crease : L'Oréal Color Riche L'Ombre Pure 502 Lumiere Quartz Fumé
Crease , blended up : L'Oréal nr. 2 (Golden Black Quad)
To blend the edges : L'Oréal nr. 1 (Cupa Joe Quad)
Browbone : UD Foxy (Naked Basics)
Inner corner , applied with damp brush  : L'Oréal nr. 1 (Golden Black Quad)
Upper Waterline / Tightline : L'Oréal Color Riche Le Smoky Pencil Eyeliner Black Velour
Waterline and Lower Lashline , smudged: L'Oréal Color Riche Le Smoky Pencil Eyeliner Purple Dream
Lower Lashline : L'Oréal nr. 4 (Lilas Chéri Quad)
Inner Lower Lashline : L'Oréal nr. 3 (Golden Black Quad)
Liner : L'Oréal Blackbuster Super Liner
L'Oréal Mega Volume Collagene Mascara Black Smoke

zondag 27 juli 2014

EOTD : Sleek Rio Rio : Urca - Caipirinha - Sao Conrado and Leblon

Since i feel so bad lately , i mostly do more neutral looks than i use colors ...
But i looked at my new Sleek Rio Rio palette today and thought : Okay let's use you today ! It's not a very bright look , but a soft one with touches of colors ... if that makes sense ?
Forgive me the overexposed pictures ...
Hope you guys like it .

What i used :

WnW Fergie Eyeprimer
Browbone : WnW e/s Brulee
Inner 1/2 of the lid : Sleek Urca
Outer 1/2 of the lid and into the crease : Sleek Caipirinha
Crease , blended up : Too Faced Garter Belt (Boudoir)
Along the edges of garter Belt : Sleek Sao Conrado
Inner corner : Sleek Cachaca
Lower Lashline : Sleek Leblon , blended with Sleek Sao Conrado
Waterline : Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Eye pencil Taupe
Liner : Stila Stay All Day Liquid Waterproof Eye Liner Black
Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara Black

maandag 21 juli 2014

EOTD : Sugarpill Olivia - Subterranean - Yves Rocher Vert de Gris and Beige Doré

Hello sweets !
Hope you're all well ! I feel a bit exhausted lately , way too much happened and now i'm paying the bill for it . 
I haven't done much makeup looks either lately , but today i wanted to try my new gem : Sugarpill Loose eyeshadow "Olivia"
Hope you like it . 

What i used :

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eye Pencil Black along the upper lashes and smudged out
Browbone to crease : UD Foxy (Naked Basics)
Crease , blended up (transition) : UD Naked 2 (Naked Basics)
Inner 1/3 of the lid : YR Beige doré ( LE Summer 2014 Trio)
Lid : Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow Olivia (LE)
Outer Lid and blended into the crease : YR e/s Vert de Gris (LE Summer 2013)
Outer V , outer crease : Sugarpill Subterranean (Cold Chemistry)
Waterline : Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Pencil Emerald
Inner Corner : Anastasia Beverly Hills Ballet (Lavish)
Lower Lashline : Anastasia Beverly Hills Truffle (Lavish)
Liner : Physicans Formula 2 in 1 EyeBooster Black
Max Factor Clump Defy Waterproof Mascara Black