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dinsdag 29 mei 2012

EOTD : Sleek Monaco : Washed Ashore - Sunset - Moors Treasure - Magenta Madness - Humming Bird

Hi gals ... i'm still alive , but i have such a busy time at the moment .
Today is the first day in a week i found some time to do my makeup .
So , i wanted something summery and bright .
It's pretty warm overhere , about 24°C , so i felt a bit tropical , LOL and the Monaco palette from Sleek is awesome to do tropical looks with !

I hope you enjoy this look .

BTW ... sorry if i don't comment much lately , but as i said , i have so much things going on ...

Sleek Monaco

What i used :

Base : NYX JEP Milk on the lid
Inner 1/3 of the lid to crease: Sleek Washed Ashore
Middle of the lid to crease: Sleek Sunset
Outer lid to crease : Sleek Moors Treasure
Crease , blended up : Sleek Magenta Madness
Lower Lashline : Sleek Humming Bird
Inner tear duct : Catrice Ooops! Nude Did It Again
Browbone : Sleek Bamboo
Liner : Jordana Fabu'Liner Black
Waterline : UD 24/7 Zero
Catrice The Giant Volume Mascara Black

maandag 21 mei 2012

Sleek Ultra Mattes Brights and Darks Palettes + Swatches

Hi ladies ! I've been away for a couple days , i know ...
I was on a little vacation to our Belgian Coast !
 The weather wasn't so good , but i had a great time !

When i came home , i found a nice package on my table :D
The newest Sleek Palettes  : Ultra Mattes v1 - Brights and v2 - Darks !

Although i'm not a great fan of mattes , these are nice , fun palettes ! 
The colors are very pigmented and smooth , as usual from Sleek . 
With these 2 palettes you have a lot of fun bright and earthy colors . 
These are perfect transitioncolors and they contain some nice browbonecolors. 
I think a few of the colors in these palettes are also in previous LE palettes from Sleek , like the Curaçao and Monaco palettes . 
Anyways if you like mattes , these are perfect for you !
Not sure if these will be permanent in their collection ....


On to the pictures and swatches !

Sleek Ultra Mattes v.1 Brights

Sleek Ultra Mattes v.2 Darks

Which palette caught your attention ? Or maybe both ?
My favorite is the Dark version , but the brights are fun too !

woensdag 16 mei 2012

EOTD : Darling Girl Beau Monde - Love In a void - Smoking Gun - ON-X

A quick eyelook using my new Darling Girl colors !

My liner was like crap here :(

Enjoy !


 DG Love In A Void

DG Beau Monde

 DG Smoking gun


Catrice Black or White Swan ?!

What i used :

Base : NYX Glitter JEP in Crystal on the lid
Browbone to crease : UD Virgin (Naked 2)
Crease , blended up : DG Beau Monde (The Spring Social)
Inner 2/3 of the Lid : DG Love In a Void (Darling Grrl!)
Outer lid , crease : DG Smoking Gun
Outer V , crease : Catrice Black or White Swan ?!
Browbone highlight : DG Chimera
Lower lashline : Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip black , smudged
on top : DG On-X (Rainbow Brite)
Waterline : UD 24/7 Zero
Liner : Stila Waterproof Liquid Liner Intense Black
Catrice The Giant Volume Mascara Black

dinsdag 15 mei 2012

EOTD : Catrice Revoltaire : Toxic Combination

"Revoltaire" is a limited edition from Catrice .
This collection contains 2 quads , but unfortunately i only find this quad "Toxic Combination" .
I still hope to find the 2nd one "Explosive Combination" .
Also the blush was already sold out :(

As you all know i'm a very big fan of Catrice .
It's a drugstore brand comparable to Wet 'n Wild , which i also love very much :D

Anyways , this is a look i did with the "Toxic Combination" one .
Each quad contains 3 shadows and a cake liner.

Catrice Revoltaire C01 Toxic Combination

What i used :

Maybelline Color Tattoo Too Cool on the lid
Crease , blended up : Grey (Toxic Combination Quad)
Inner 2/3 of the lid : Acid green (Toxic Combination quad)
Outer lid , crease : Bronze Green (Toxic Combination Quad)
Browbone : Catrice Ooops! Nude Did It Again
Lower lashline : Physicians Formula Shimmer strip  bronze , smudged
on top : Bronze green
Waterline : Yves Rocher eyeliner Vert Intense 
Liner : Cake Liner from Toxic combination Quad , wetlined with Inglot Duraline
Yves Rocher Beauté Mascara Black

maandag 14 mei 2012

EOTD : Sleek Acid 2.0

A very quick look i did with Sleek's Acid palette .
It was a fun , bright look with a hint of glitter which reminds me of a tropical flower:)

Sleek Acid

 Sleek Curaçao

Darling girl Pixie sprinkles White Christmas

*colors used in the palettes marked with an "X"*

What i used :

NYX JEP Milk all over the eye , blended
Lid to crease : Sleek Martini (Curaçao)
Outer lid , crease , (blended up high) lower lashline: Sleek Neon Pink (Acid)
Inner lid , crease , (blended up high) inner lower lashline : Sleek Neon Green (Acid)
Browbone : Sleek Matte White (Acid)
Waterline : NYX JEP Cucumber
Middle of the lid : DG Pixie Sprinkles White Christmas on top of DG Glitter Glue
Liner : Stila Liquid Eyeliner Intense Black
Catrice The Giant Volume Mascara Black

zaterdag 12 mei 2012

EOTD : Darling girl : Scandalous - Party Crasher - Rue's Lullaby - Smoking Gun - Spellbound

Oranges are so pretty and "Party Crasher" is such a nice wearable spring orange wit a pinkish sheen to it.
I know most people are afraid of yellows and oranges , but with the right shade of it , you can create fun looks that don't have be scary .
And in combination with warm neutrals they are very flattering on the eyes !
This look didn't turned out as i had in mind , but overall i think it's a soft , colorful spring look ;)

Have a wonderful Saterday !

 DG Scandalous

 DG Party Crasher

DG Rue's Lullaby

DG Spellbound

DG Smoking Gun

DG Champagnes Kisses

DG Sexxy Girlfriend!

What i used :

Base: NYX JEP Cottage Cheese on the lid and lower lashline
Inner 1/3 of the lid : DG Scandalous (The Spring Social)
Middle of the lid : DG Party Crasher (The Spring social)
Outer lid : DG Rue's Lullaby (Only One Can Win)
Inner tear duct : DG Champagnes Kisses
Crease , blended up : DG Smoking Gun
Deeper Crease : DG Spellbound
Browbone : DG Adoration
Lower Lashline : DG Sexxy Girlfriend (16 Candles)
Waterline : Yves Rocher JEP Cuivré
Liner : Jordana Fabu'Liner Black
Catrice The Giant Volume Mascara