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vrijdag 29 april 2011

EOTD : Aromaleigh Astronomical : Perihelion / Fusion / Event Horizon and Darling Girl Glitter

This is just an experimental eyelook . But i liked it , so i want to share it with my lovely readers :D . You don't see the glitter very well on the pics , but i they are there !

Have a nice weekend ! <3

Darling Girl Glitter Glue

Aromaleigh Perihelion

Aromaleigh Fusion

Aromaleigh Event Horizon

Sleek I-Divine Storm Palette

Darling Girl Pixie Sprinkles "21 Guns"

Yves Rocher Duo khol Bleu Glacier - Violine

What i used :

Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the lid and lower lashline
inner 1/3 lid and inner corner : AL Perihelion (Astronomical)
outer part of lid , lower lashline : AL Fusion (Astronomical)
Crease (blended up) : AL Event Horizon (Astronomical)
Outer V , darken the crease a bit : Dark Green from Sleek's Storm Palette (2nd row , 3th from left)
Browbone : Shimmery Nude color from Sleek's Storm Palette (1st row , 2nd from left)
Liner : Catrice LE Liquid eyeliner : Rock the Party
on top of the liner : Darling Girl Pixie Sprinkles "21 Guns" mixed with lining gel
Waterline : Yves Rocher duo khol Violine
Black Volume Mascara

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks like the glitter glue is performing well :) Is it a bit like Pixie epoxy?

  2. Man everytime I see that glitter I gotta ask myself why I haven't gotten it yet.
    Perihelion is such a cool unique colour!

  3. Simply gorgeous green and gold and glittery look!

  4. Such pretty greens! A very spring look!

  5. Thanks ladies ! You all make my day ;) and love you all X

    @MartianDelights : You can compare it with PE , The DG glitter glue is less sticky than PE , but it has the same function as PE . Gives a nice foiling effect and great for glittery looks ! I love the DG glitter glue :D X

    @KittenMittens : Go for it , it's such a musthave . I used it several times now and i absolutely adore that glitter :D X

  6. Wauw, mijn favoriete kleur! Supermooi staat het je. En die sprinkles.....*hebben!!!* :D

  7. @Morgaine : :D , ze zijn echt super hoor de sprinkles , momenteel mijn favoriete glitter X