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donderdag 11 augustus 2011

EOTD : WnW DreamWeaver : Dancing in the Clouds / UD Jet

A week ago i received a package from the lovely Jill from Just Peachy , I surprised her recently with a bunch of eyeshadow colors that i didn't use very often .  She has sent me some things in return . And yes!!  she included 3 of the new WnW trio palettes ... "Dancing in the Clouds" , "Earth looks small from down here" and  " Fly me to the moon" I was so happy with these , i was in heaven :D ! Thank you sooooooooooooo much Jill , you're so sweet !!! "Dancing in the Clouds" ... my favorite of the 3 . I love the name of the palette <3

 Urban Decay Jet

WnW DreamWeaver Collection : Dancing in the Clouds

What i used :

Base : NYX Jumbo Pencil Velvet Purple on the lid , blended to the crease
Lid , lower lashline : Purple Crease color
Crease (blended up) : Copper eyelidcolor
Inner corner and slightly above the copper creasecolor : Golden Taupe Browbonecolor
Outer Part of the lid , darken the crease : Urban Decay Jet (The Black Palette)
Browbone : WnW Brulee
Liner : Catrice Liquid Liner Black
Waterline : UD 24/7 Perversion
Black Volume Mascara

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Very pretty, I like the combination of purple and bronze.

  2. Wow, it looks great.. I love purple and it looks so good on your eyes!

  3. I'm envious of how flawless your looks come out. It's very pretty and I would have never guessed it was from that particular wet n wild palette.

  4. Oh it's amazing! I like these two colours together :)

  5. Omg, this darkblue is wonderfull! And your makeup too... :)

  6. So pretty! I'm glad you are enjoying them! I think this is the one that I can't find anymore, so I'm lucky I snatched it up and sent it off to you when I did!

  7. Beautiful as always. I think I want some more Wet n Wild palettes...

  8. The Wet-N-Wild shadows are so beautiful. They have such great pigmentation and they colors are amazing. I love what you did with the purple/orange combination!

  9. This is so pretty. I just read another blog where someone was complaining about this purple but the pigmentation looks fine in your photo.

  10. Thank you all ! It's just a wonderful trio :D

    @The Peach : You really made me happy with the trio's from the new collection and this is definitely my favorite one ;) Thank you again lovely X

    @Marcey : I don't have any problems with the pigmentation or with applying this color , it's a pretty pigmented purple , in my opinion ;)

  11. Pretty! I think these colours really complement your eye colour!