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woensdag 28 december 2011

EOTD : WnW Baked Collection : Baked , Not Fried

I was so happy when i found these on Ebay , for a affordable price ! I have all 3 of them : Baked , Not Fried - Bake-Off Contest and Baking A Cake. These are mineral eyeshadows and i was very surprised of the pigmentation of these. Most of Baked eyeshadows don't have much pigmentation and are a bit sheer when you apply them , but these aren't at all ! They are Limited Edition , so if you can find them , go grab one !!  My favorite one is : Baked , Not Fried.
I did a simple look with a touch of glitter .

 Darling girl Aqua Liner Designated Driver

 WnW Baked Palette Baked , Not Fried

Sleek Mineral Earth

2True Glitter Liner nr. 8

What i used :

Base : Darling Girl Aqua Liner Designated Driver , blended to the crease
Inner corner , crease : Nr. 1
Lid to crease : Nr. 4
Outer Lid , blended into the crease : Nr. 6
Outer V : Sleek Mineral Earth (Nude palette)
Lower lashline : Nr. 5
Waterline : UD 24/7 Corrupt
Liner : Bourjois Liquid Liner Absolute Black
Middle of the lid : 2True Glitter Liner nr. 8 , patted on the lid with a flat brush
Lower Lashline : 2True Glitter Liner Nr. 8
Black Volume Mascara

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh no! You already have these?! I have all three of them that I was going to send you with the Naked2 Palette! Do you already have the WnW 8-pan matte palette? I have that for you also!

    Beautiful look as always!

  2. A gorgeous neutral look! I may have to investigate these. I like the idea of baked shadows but don't like their sheerness.

  3. I hope I can find these palettes somewhere, the colours are gorgeous!

  4. @The Peach : As i said already , i'll ask you first the next time , :D
    but it was such a bargain , i think they were even cheaper than in the store ... that's why i bought them on Ebay

    @Ayesha : Thank you ;) Welcome to my Blog btw !

    @Olgiepolgie : they are worth buying them , i have the same feeling about baked shadows , but the WnW ones are amazingly good ! As all their stuff ;)

    @Vulcan_Butterfly : I hope you can ! I had luck when i found them on Ebay for $2.99 a piece !