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maandag 13 februari 2012

Darling Girl haul : Darling Grrl! collection - she-Bop and Holo glosses :swatches

Hi sweeties ! Sorry for being such a bad blogger lately , but i had so much thing going on . My hubby was pretty sick and i had a lot to do for my work . But now i'm back :) and i have some great swatches for you !! I received my Darling girl order 2 weeks ago . 

The Darling Grrl! collection : Darling Grrl Collection: 
Avid punk/psychedelic rockers unit with this fun and spunky collection from Darling Girl Cosmetics. Each color is based on a few of Darling Girl's most avid fans favorite punk rock or psychedelic rock bands from the 80's and beyond. Each color is unique and hand blended and seriously "created to ROCK!" 

Susan added 2 new colors to this collection this month , i ordered them , so as soon as i have them i'll show you the swatches ;)
So here we go !

The Haul : 
on top : She-Bop blus and 2 Holo-Glosses : Taupe Secret and Planet X

First row of jars : How soon is Now , Vicar in a Tutu , Friday i'm in love , Roots Radical

2nd row of jars : Die , Die my Darling , Miniature Sun , Rise Above and Wanne Be Sedated 

Bottom : GWP color : Whiskey On A Sunday

 How soon is Now , Vicar in a Tutu , Friday i'm in love , Roots Radical

 Die , Die my Darling , Miniature Sun , Rise Above and Wanne Be Sedated  and Whiskey On A sunday

All the pretties together :)

 She-Bop blush , Susan's version of Nars Orgasm

 Holo Glosses : Taupe Secret on top and Planet X on the bottom

 Darling Grrl! How soon is Now

 Darling Grrl! Vicar in a Tutu

 Darling Grrl! Friday i'm in Love

Darling Grrl! Roots Radical

 Darling Grrl! Die , Die my Darling

 Darling Grrl! Miniature Sun

 Darling Grrl! Rise Above

 Darling Grrl! Wanne Be Sedated

Darling Grrl! Whiskey On a sunday - GWP

My favorites : Vicar in a Tutu , Wanne Be Sedated , Rise Above , Whiskey On A Sunday

I really love the blush and holo-glosses !!

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Luna, thank you for the lovely swatches! ♥♥♥

  2. I have Whiskey On A Sunday on now and I freaking love it - Susan has a way with golds!

    1. Yes it's an awesome metallic gold , i wear it too today and i'm planning a look with it for Valentine's day :D Susan makes wonderful golds !

  3. So pretty! I didn't realize there were new holo-glosses out! I'm going to have to pick up some of the new colors when I'm off my no-buy!

    1. I didn't know too , but luckily i checked the Holo-glosses when i was making my order and i saw those pretties . I just needed them :D

  4. Wauw, geweldige haul en geweldige kleuren!!!

    1. Ze zijn echt prachtig , vooral de GWP Whiskey On A Sunday is zooooo mooi . De foto's tonen nog niet hun ware pracht :)

  5. great swatches, i have never tried this brand before

    thanks for visiting my blog, now following ;-)

    1. Thank you ! You really should , she has very unique and gorgeous makeup !
      Welcome to my blog ;)

  6. Awesome swatches :) as always
    I love Darling Grrl! How soon is Now, Whiskey On a sunday - GWP, Friday i'm in Love and the blush :)
    Can´t wait to see a look where you use the gold shadow.. it looks AMAZING :)

    1. Thanks sweetie , the blush is my favorite . I love duochromed blushes and this is such a pretty one. I don't own Nars Orgasm , but why should i ... she-Bop is almost the exact color as Orgasm (saw the comparison at Peachy's blog) and less expensive :)
      I have a gold look coming , LOL

  7. Gorgeous shades <3 Would love to see your EOTDs with these :D

  8. Great swatches! I need to get my hands on those holo-glosses!