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maandag 21 mei 2012

Sleek Ultra Mattes Brights and Darks Palettes + Swatches

Hi ladies ! I've been away for a couple days , i know ...
I was on a little vacation to our Belgian Coast !
 The weather wasn't so good , but i had a great time !

When i came home , i found a nice package on my table :D
The newest Sleek Palettes  : Ultra Mattes v1 - Brights and v2 - Darks !

Although i'm not a great fan of mattes , these are nice , fun palettes ! 
The colors are very pigmented and smooth , as usual from Sleek . 
With these 2 palettes you have a lot of fun bright and earthy colors . 
These are perfect transitioncolors and they contain some nice browbonecolors. 
I think a few of the colors in these palettes are also in previous LE palettes from Sleek , like the Curaçao and Monaco palettes . 
Anyways if you like mattes , these are perfect for you !
Not sure if these will be permanent in their collection ....


On to the pictures and swatches !

Sleek Ultra Mattes v.1 Brights

Sleek Ultra Mattes v.2 Darks

Which palette caught your attention ? Or maybe both ?
My favorite is the Dark version , but the brights are fun too !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I just got the dark one in the post this morning cant wait to try it out i think it attracted me the most :)

  2. Jep ik heb ze ook allebei! Mooie swatches!! En wat lekker, even weggeweest, dat doe je goed!

  3. We're actually waiting for these goodies to arrive! So eager the get them, especially after glancing at your swatches!!!