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dinsdag 7 augustus 2012

Tick:Tock Cosmetics + Swatches

Last week i received my first order from Tick:Tock Cosmetics . This is a complete new indie company to me and i wanted to give it a go after seeing some gorgeous swatches . So i ended up with 15 samples and got 1 free.
I ordered on 7/18/12 and received it 8/3/12 ... so it was quite fast in my opinion !

This is the company's philosophy : 

"Our company mission is to provide you with amazing cosmetic products that come in unique colors!"
All of our products are vegan and contain no animal by-products.
All of our products are tested on our friends, not on animals. We are 100% cruelty-free!
NONE of our products contain parabens, talc, or chromium dioxide green.
Oh yeah, and did we mention that our colors are 100% awesome? Okay, good. Because they are.

So yeah , i could find me in there ! 

The samples are $0,70 for 1/8 teaspoon in a baggie.
Full sizes are $4,95 for a 5 gram jar.

My first thoughts : 
I was very surprised with these colors , they are unique and gorgeous.
They have a lot of sparkles too :) and are very pigmented . 
They apply smoothly , and just like every kind of pigment you need a base .

On to the swatches ! 
The amount of product you see in the jar , is NOT the whole baggie ! Just a tiny scoop to show you how it looks in a jar . Color descriptions are from Tock Tock's website .

 L to R : Metronome - I love you for ever  - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Salvador Dali and Half-Past Crazy

 L to R : Expiration Date - Back To The Future - Time Square - Tempus Fugit  and Honeymoon

L to R : The Night Bus - Grandfather Clock - Free Bird - Midsummer Night  and Midlife Crisis

Metronome : a pure shimmery white with loads of holographic glitter

 I love you for ever : a fun funky purple-silver with a strong green shift

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead : darkest black with lots holographic glitter and sparkle!

 Salvador Dali : a deep purple with purple and red shimmer and purple glitter

 Half-Past Crazy : A black based red, (which really creates a unique purple shade) loaded with shimmer and sparkle

Expiration Date : greyish green with some red shimmer and sparkle

Back To The Future : black based green, full of shimmer and holographic glitter

 Time Square :  dark silver with loads of shimmer and sparkle

Fempus Fugit : purpley/blue in the jar, goes on with a heavy green sheen.

 Honeymoon : pearly white with red and purple sparkles and a slight red/purple shift

 The Night Bus : That same purple shade as the Night Bus in Harry Potter, this color is sure to make heads turn ... has silver sparkles

 Grandfather Clock : rich chocolatey brown with loads of gold shimmer and gold glitter

 Free Bird :  medium toned purple full of sparkle

 Midsummer Nights : deep burgandy/purple with loads of red glitter and a light dusting of holographic glitter

 Midlife Crisis : vibrant pink, yet it is slightly blue based with red and purple sparkles
(this was a free sample)

Digital : a soft black with a hint of blue shimmer and black glitter

My favorites : Salvador Dali , Half-Past Crazy , Back To The Future , Times Square , Fempus Fugit , Honeymoon  , the Night Bus  and Midnight Summer .

I already seen some other colors i want, so i will place a new order soon :D
Ever heard about Tock:Tock Cosmetics ? Anything seen you like ?

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful swatches, Luna! I have some Tick:Tock Cosmetics but I haven't gotten around to swatching them. I have to work through some of the other makeup I have waiting to be swatched and played with! :-)

  2. I like the look of Free Bird! Loving the name too :D

  3. I reviewed this company quite some time ago when they had, like, only 10 or so colors, LOL. They do indeed rock as do your swatches. I like seing swatches of colors I don't have yet, like Free Bird. I should pick up some samples of that as well as Midsummer Nights and Expiration Date. Next time you order, try their black eyeshadow primer (Black Hole) and DeLorean eyeshadow. It's probably the most gorgeous blue I've ever seen :-)

  4. These are such gorgeous colors! I really like Salvador Dali and Free Bird.

  5. I'm eyeing Tick Tock since quite a while....definitely gonna place an order one day (hopefully soon!)

  6. I see too many I like! I've been wanting to try Tick Tock for ages. Fabulous swatches as always. Doesn't make choosing colours any easier though because I want them all!

  7. Never heard of them before but their pigments sure looks great! I'm eyeballing that night bus, looks incredible!