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dinsdag 12 maart 2013

Urban Decay : Theodora & Glinda Palette - swatches

Hello there ! 
As i mentioned before , i'm the proud owner of some new Urban Decay palettes :D
Urban Decay is still one of my favorite HE brands and when i saw the new limited edition palettes , inspired by the upcoming movie "Oz - The Great and Powerful" , i could not wait to have these !
Theodora is based on the bad witch and Glinda on the good witch . Are you a good witch or a bad witch ? I'm a bit of both i think , because i like both palettes a lot ! 

I like the new style of these palettes . It's the "Build Your Own Palette" system , which i really can appreciate. You can pull out the eyeshadow and replace it when it's empty or if it's a color you don't like.
Also new in these palettes are 2 pans with a duo color . All the other colors are exclusive to the palettes and are full size . Not the big boxes like the book of shadows. They took a lot of space in my stash , so i ended up with depotting all of my BoS's. I prefer the palettes like 'the vice palette" or the "build your own" systems. Much more handy and classy :)
Both palettes comes with a travel size 24/7 eyeliner pencil . "Rockstar" in the Glinda (which was missing in my palette unfortunately ) palette and "Zero" in the Theodora palette and a full size Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Pencil . A bright , true red for the Theodora palette and a light sheer nude color for the Glinda palette. I like the formula of these pencils , they really glide on and gives my lips a nice healthy gloss , without being sticky . It's between a gloss and a lipstick , i would say :D  . I think i need more of these lippencils !
Each palette contains a "Get the Look" card . I paid 40,97€ for each .
A Bargain if you ask me ! 6 full size pans including 2 duo's , a full size lippencil and a travel size eyeliner ( +/- 3/4 of a normal pencil ) : a quick calculation told me that each palette has a value of 125€ . Not bad if you ask me , well done UD !
As usual from UD , some colors are with the wellknown chunky glitter :D . Although i don't mind , some of you do . But let me tell you , since UD reformulated their eyeshadows , you have less fallout from the glitter. But it's still a glitter eyeshadow of course .
So i hope that UD will release more of these kind of palettes , or like "The vice" palette in the future . They are much more handy ! 

Okay , i think the mainthing is said :D , on to the swatches!

First : The Theodora palette :

Contains mainly dark , earthy toned colors . A 24/7 Glide on eyepencil in Zero and a Super Saturated High Gloss Lip pencil in Theodora.
4 singles and 2 duo shades. I'm very bad in describing colors , so i'm not going to do that . But you can find these descriptions on the UD website .

The Glinda Palette :

Mainly light , iridescent colors , a 24/7 liner in rockstar and a super saturated lip pencil in Glinda. 4 singles and 2 duo's .

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Funny that one of the pencils was missing, I was watching a youtube video yesterday and hers was missing too. http://herlatenightcravings.blogspot.ie/2013/03/no-buy-february-updateand-haul-say-what.html

    Wonder what's going on??? They look lovely palettes, thanks for the swatches. xx

  2. Geweldig! Ik had eerst al,een Theodora besteld maar na een maal spelen, heb ik toch ook Glinda maar besteld...moet vandaag of morgen binnenkomen. Lang leve beautybay! Ik ben benieuwd of ik ook een potlood ga missen....mooie swatches, de vernieuwde oogschaduws zijn inderdaad geweldig! Topmerk! Heel veel plezier met de oalettes, maar dat gaat vast wel lukken! Xxx

  3. Ooh wauw wat een gave palettes! Als ik weer geld heb denk ik dat ik ook eens een kijkje ga nemen haha ;)

  4. Both palettes have gorgeous shades and are really nicely done, I can't even pick a favourite! They put such nice lip colours in them. That is unfortunate that your palette was missing the Rockstar pencil, I have seen a couple of other reviews where the palettes were missing one of the eyeshadows.

  5. I want both of these palettes! They look so pretty.