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donderdag 18 april 2013

EOTD : Catrice Yellow Submagreen

This one of the new quad's from Catrice and i really love the colors in it ! 
The yellow is a bit sheer , but with the use of a base it's a very nice summery yellow ! 
I messed up the mascara in this look , sorry for that ... this mascara has become too dry
Overall i loved this one :)

What i used :

Base : NYX JEP in Milk on the lid and inner corner , blended
Inner corner , inner 1/2 of the lid and blended into inner crease : Catrice Shimmery Yellow (1)
Rest of the lid , blended into the crease : Catrice Sparkly Grey (3)
Crease , blended up : Catrice Shimmery Mossy Green (2)
Outer V , darken the crease : Catrice Satiny dark khaki (4)
Browbone : Catrice Discreet Artist (Neo Geisha)
Liner : Catrice Gel Liner Black Jack with Goldie Hawn
Waterline : Catrice Khol Kajal Black (Neo Geisha)
Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara Black

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Love this eye makeup <3 Great job Luna!!!

  2. Nice! I like this quad - pretty neutral and posh look cheered up by the yellow tone :)