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dinsdag 4 juni 2013

EOTD : Femme Fatale Moonglow - The Nightmare and The Dark One - Glamour Doll Vampire Wedding - Aromaleigh Brazen & Bitter

Hi ladies !
I was in the mood for a dramatic orangy - blue kinda look with a bit of sparkle , so here it is :)
Just wanted to play around with colors , this look is experimental .

Hope you ladies like it !

What i used:

Middle of the lid , foiled : FFC Moonglow
Outer lid , slightly into the outer crease , foiled : FFC The Nightmare (Mistress of Dreams)
Inner part of the lid , slightly into the inner crease - foiled : FFC The Dark One (Worldbreaker)
Crease, blended up (transition color) : Kiss My Sass My Fist Kiss
Crease : Glamour Doll Eyes Vampire Wedding (Halloween 2012 - Scare)
Blend our Vampire Wedding : Aromaleigh Brazen & Bitter (Victoria's Revenge)
Browbone : Too Faced Fuzzy Handcuffs (Boudoir)
on top : Too Faced In the Buff (Boudoir)
Lower Lashline : Yves Rocher JEP in Brun Doré , blended
on top : outer 1/2 : GDE Vampire Wedding
inner part : FFC Moonglow
Liner and waterline : Catrice Gel Liner Nautica (Cruise Couture)
Glitterliner : 2True Glitterliner dark blue 
L'Oréal Collagene Mascara Black Smoke

6 opmerkingen:

  1. The Dark One and The Nightmare are both stunning!!

  2. Beautiful look! I've missed you and your amazing looks.

  3. This looks great with the sparkly navy eyeliner!

  4. I absolutely adore Femme Fatale <3 The best duochromes! Complements your eye colour perfectly, and I'm glad to see orange works with blue (I'm always a little scared of blues in makeup, but I love oranges!)

  5. I discovered your blog a few days ago...And since then I'm hooked! I love that you post (almost) every day a new FOTD. Complety my taste what you create...This look here will be my look for tomorrow...I don't have all the products you used, but substitutes. I love Darling Girl very much, now I'm trying Femme Fatale. It's good to see that women who are not afraid of bold looks exist...:D Love your blog!