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dinsdag 30 juli 2013

Swatchfest ! Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette

So as promised , i will show you swatches of my newest gems :)
There are tons of stuff to show you , so bare with me because it will take some time before everything is swatched and pictured .

Let's start with Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette . You've already seen 2 looks with this palette .
I'm very happy with this one , it's a fun palette and it has a good mixture of bold and more neutral colors in it.
Most of them are shimmery or have a frosty finish . Just 2 colors are completely matte : Dainty and Charming. And 1 matte black with sparkles : Miss Sparkles. Dainty is a great blendingcolor and i like it when a palette comes with a good blendingcolor and with a black which is in this one a matte with a ton of sparkles !
"Girly" is like MAC's Club , Urban Decay's Lounge , The definer shade in WnW Comfort Zone palette and many indie brands do have a similar color too . So it's not a very new shade or unique shade , there are great dupes for that one. Most of the colors in this palette are replaceable by other colors . Only Badass is a color i cannot think of a dupe. It's a beautiful midnight blue full of sparkles . Maybe ... Aromaleigh's "Bellatrix" from the "Starry Nights" collection is a close one .
The colors are very pigmented , blendable and smooth. 
I purchased mine at Beautybay.com

on to the pictures and swatches !

the 2 looks i did :

 Used : Totally Fetch , Gangsta , Ringleader , Dainty and Badass

Used : Instigator , Gangsta , Badass , Ringleader and Dainty

Would you buy this one ?

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  1. Omg...this palette has some amazing shades!! I love the hot pink and that duochrome brown! Such great shades! Love your eye looks!!

  2. They're absolutely stunning colours. Yes, I'd definitely buy this one for sure!