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maandag 2 juni 2014

Swap with BBFF !

As you could read in my previous post i recently did a swap with the lovely lady from BBFF .
Today's post is a bit more in depth of what she gave me . Some highlights :D 
Again , i'm very happy with the items she sent me . A lot of products are new to me : chinovi , Littlemouseears , sigma eyeshadows , Becca , Inglot ... very excited to try all these goodies . You will see some looks soon with these products .

This was the whole lot :D

 MUA , Milani , Rimmel , Becca , Inglot , Coastal Scents , ELF , Chinovi , LittleMouseEars ...
As you can see , a bunch of products !

 Chinovi ! I've never tried this brand before . Happy to find a lot of samples :D
I'm always in for a indie brand to try out

 MUA , i recently discovered this drugstore brand and i like it . This palette caught my eye instantly ! Look at that bright yellow-gold ! Woohoo !

LittleMouseEars , i've never heard of this indie brand before , but the colors are cute and i can't wait to try these

 My very first Inglot matte eyeshadow !! I have pigment samples and i like them so much . So absolutely happy to find this eyeshadow pan . I heard there's a first Inglot shop opened in Belgium recently , now a webshop for Belgium customers please .. :D
And also This Becca eyetint looks gorgeous , i haven't used any Becca products before , except for a lipstick i've got in another swap in the past .

Look how cute that Sigma sample palette is ! I have a ton of sigma brushes but never tried any of their eyeshadows . You can see a first use of the little mix palette in my previous post . Tiny cute trio's :D
I have a few of the NYX pigments and i like these . I haven't used them in ages , maybe it's time to pull them out and make a look with these little bottles
And then we have the Coastal Scents sample quad , which looks so pretty !

Thank you so much Helen ! I'm more than happy with our Swap :D xoxo
Do you guys love swaps ? I do ! It's a great opportunity to discover new brands or brands/collections that are unreachable .

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Omg...so much lovely stuff! I remember you mentioned that they were also things that she didn't use anymore but all of it seems to be in such new condition and I'd be so happy to take on things that someone else doesn't use! The trios look sooo good!

  2. ik heb vroeger ook wel eens een swap gedaan, was heel leuk om nieuwe producten te ontdekken.