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dinsdag 29 december 2015

Swatchfest ! Colourpop Holiday 2015 Blitzed and Fauncy Sets

Helle there again :)
A very good friend of mine was so kind to send me these 2 Colourpop Holiday 2015 Sets .
I have received the "Blitzed" and the "Fauncy" Set .
BLITZED is the Colorshock Eyeshadow Set and FAUNCY is the Creme Gel Color / Liner Set.
As always i'm very impressed with Colourpop eyeshadows . They are so so so pretty !
The Creme Gel Color / Liner set is nice , but i'm not overwhelmed by it . The colors are pretty , and some are smooth and creamy , some are patchy and dry ... Except for 1 duo , are the Creme Gel Color and Creme Gel Liner named the same . You get a "Soiree" Liner and a Gel Color and you get a "Bustier" Liner and Gel Color. This last one is the only matte duo in this set.
I used "Bustier" in my L'Oréal Jungle Jade look and that one applied very nicely ! Impressed by that one ! Both the Creme Gel Color and Creme Gel Liner are beautiful ! "Solar" was the color i was after in this set , and it's a bit of a let down for me ... It felt dry and it applied patchy ... However as a shadow base color , this is a winner . The glitter is so pretty on the eyes . 
The Creme Gel Liners "Frill" and "Soiree" is smooth and apllied nicely on the eyes ,  The Creme Gel color of "Soiree" was again a bit dryer . Maybe because of the glitter that "Solar" and "Soiree" were a bit of a bummer as eyeliners .
The eyeshadows are mainly Metallic shades , Party Girl is a Mattte , "Valley Girl" and "Fan Girl" are pearlized. My favorites of this set are "Roller Girl" , "Fan Girl" and Thirsty Girl"
Anyways , overall i'm very happy with these sets ! They are pretty and sparkly :)

Valley Girl: Soft vanilla with tons of gold highlights in a Pearlized finish
Thirsty Girl: Warm bronze drenched with gold glitter in Metallic finish
Fan Girl: Cool toned violet grey in a Pearlized finish
Party Girl: Soft dusty pink in a Matte finish
That Girl: Charcoal grey drizzled with lots of silver and gold glitter in metallic finish
Roller Girl: True black topped with rainbow glitter in a Metallic finish

Frill: Soft icy lavender in Metallic finish
Polar:  True Black with multi coloured glitter in a Metallic finish
Soiree: Deep gunmetal with subtle hints of gold and silver in Metallic finish
Bustier: Deep Blackened Olive in Matte finish

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