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zondag 7 februari 2016

EOTD : Zoeva Warm Spectrum palette Look #1

This is part of the Spectrum Collection from Zoeva . It's the first out of 3 eyeshadowpalettes : Warm Spectrum , Cool Spectrum and Nude Spectrum . The collection also has 3 blush palettes , but i don't have these (yet) . 
As usual is the quality of these eyeshadows amazing :) , i didn't expect less from Zoeva :)

So this is a first look i did with the Warm Spectrum palette and i really like how it turned out . The burnt orange color in this palette screamed to be used , and it's gorgeous as a creasecolor . I mixed it in with another lighter brown color , which makes this orange very wearable !

This palette is my favorite out of the 3 spectrum eyeshadow palettes

What i used :

Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix Matte
Browbone to crease : Zoeva WR 100
Crease , blended up (transition) : Zoeva WR 120
Crease , blended up : Zoeva WR 40
Inner 1/2 of the lid : Zoeva WR 50
Outer 1/2 of the lid , blended into the outer crease a bit : Zoeva WR 90
Crease , blended : Zoeva WR 80
Inner corner : Zoeva WR 110
Lower Lashline : Zoeva WR 120 and WR 40 
Outer lower lashline : Zoeva WR 80
Inner lower lashline : Zoeva WR 70
Waterline : Tarte Amazonian Clay SkinnySmolder Eyes Deep Amethyst
Liner : Maybelline Eyestudio Drama Gel Liner Black
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and MAC Extended Play on the lower Lashes

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  1. OOH I love the colors youve chosen for this makeup look :)
    So stunning and lovely :)
    That palette looks AMAZING!!