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vrijdag 10 juni 2011

NOTD : Soak Off Polish Gel : homemade color

Hello Beauties ! Today i did a notd with soak off Polish Gel . This is the first time i use it on my own nails and .... of course .... i made my own color with a clear gel polish. I did the same methode as the homemade polish . You can find the tutorial here
I used a clear gel polish from a European brand , but you can do this with Shellac too . Use the Top Coat for the color mix . Top Coats are more shiny than base coats . I'm curious how long it will hold :D , normally 2 - 3 weeks. The gel polish i use here is a twin coat , it's a base coat and top coat in one . Apply thin coats and take your time for this , it dries only under the UV lamp , so make sure your layers are even. Oh and don't forget to buff your nails first with a bufferblock, you need a rough surface before you apply the gel polish.

What you need :

UV Lamp , nail wipes (OPI has these too) , SNC Twin Coat (or base coat and top coat from Shellac) , a pigment of your choice , a nail polish of your choice , a brush for gel application no. 4 or 5 , Cleaner , bufferblock (not pictured)

Aromaleigh Showy

OPI Teenage Dream (Katy Perry Collection)

What i used :

Important !  Roughening the nails first with a bufferblock , then you have to clean your nails , you can use alcohol for this . Push back the cuticles and leave a space between the cuticles and gel polish.


SNC Twin Coat : 1 layer - curing for 2 minutes under UV lamp
SNC Twin coat mixed with Aromaleigh's Showy (from L'Orchidée collection) : 2 layers ( applied with a nail brush no. 5 ) - each layer must be cured for 2 minutes under UV lamp
on the ringfinger : OPI Katy Perry Teanage Dream regular nail polish ( clean the nail after curing with a special cleaner for Gel before you apply nail polish ) - 1 layer
SNC Twin Coat  ( also on top of the regular nail polish ) : 1 layer - curing for 2 minutes under UV lamp
Clean your nails with a high Gloss Cleaner to remove the tacky layer ( i don't think you have to do this step with the Shellac polishes ??? , i'm not sure . With the one i use it's necessary )

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  1. Wow! Love this mani! And yes, they do use the cleaner to remove th tacky layer with the Shellac polishes. Can't wait to see how this wears for you. I was almost considering getting a UV lamp so I could do my own Shellac manis since the one I had wore so well!