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maandag 6 juni 2011

Tutorial : Making your own nail polish with pigments

This is how i make my own polishes with pigments / mineral eyeshadows / glitters or even crushed pressed eyeshadow ! I hope this tutorial will be helpful . It's a fun way to use pigments and you can crush pressed eyeshadows to a fine powder and add it to your clear polish . I prefer to use shimmery or mettalic colors ( because i love these the most ) , but you can use matte ones too . This will give you a more opaque / cream finish . I also prefer to use a topcoat at the end ! That gaurantees you a shiny finish . Sometimes i make glitter polishes , but make sure you have polish save glitters . I mean : some glitter will loose their color when added to a clear polish ! You can use these at the way i will show you now , once applied on the nail the color will stay , but if  you will make a complete bottle of this , you have to be sure it don't loose any color. Otherwise it will turn into a translucent glitter or just silver glitter . The color that i'm going to use for this tuto is from Aromaleigh . It has glitter in it , so it's important to add the pigment step by step to the right consistency . I use 1/4 tbsp polish and 1 scoop pigment . If you add too much , your polish will be too thick and the glitter won't show up on your nails . Also , the polish will chip quicker.

Okay ... on to the tutorial now !

What do we need :

a clear polish
a pigment of your choice
a paper towel
a tiny scoop ( 0.15cc )
a mixing palette
polish remover
a top coat
a false nail for a color test (optional , you can use your own nail ofcourse :D)
a base coat
a primer

The color i'm going to use : Aromaleigh Looking Glass (Wonderstruck)

Let's start !

Step 1 : Take the palette and put 1/4 tbsp of clear polish in it ( this is plenty enough to do your nails with 2 coats , even 3 coats ! )

Step 2 : drop 1 scoop with pigment or shadow into the polish

Step 3 : take a toothpick or the brush of your clear nail polish ( this is what i do ) and mix together . Don't do this too fast , you don't want any airbubbles into the polish !

The consistency should look something like this ...

Step 4 : Apply one coat on a false nail (or use your own nails) and this is how it looks after 1 coat

And after 2 coats ....

Now polish your nails !

Use 1 layer primer , 1 layer Base Coat , 2 layers of your homemade polish and finish with 1 layer Top Coat.

Clean your polish brush and palette with remover . Use cleaning gloves after your nails are completely dry , to preventing any removal of polish on your nails when using the remover. Put some remover into the palette and clean the brush , use a paper towel to remove the color product , repeat this until the brush is clean. Now you can put the brush back into your bottle of clear polish !

After 1 layer : 

And after 2 layers and Top coat : 

You can see the glitter showing up on the nail , the picture doesn't show it very well , but in the sunlight it's absolutely gorgeous !

Enjoy !

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Great tutorial! Whenever I've made my own polish I always make it in the bottle and then it seperates and is pretty much unusable - I'll use a little palette now!

  2. I want to track down some empty bottles and those little ball bearings so I can make a super duper glittery franken! Nice to know I could make a test run first, like this... Interesting :)

  3. Excellent post! I had no idea how to do this, thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I'm pretty sure I used too much pigment when I tried to do my own polish! Love the color!

  5. you're welcome ladies ! I'm glad it was helpful . My first tutorial , woohoe :D
    I'm trying the same methode for soak off gellac .