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zaterdag 17 september 2011

EOTD : Sleek Curaçao-Paraguaya - UD Naked - GDE Veteran

 Sleek Blue Primer

 Urban Decay Buck

Sleek Curaçao Palette

 Bloody Mary

 Purple Haze

 Espresso Martini

 Sleek Paraguaya Palette


Glamour Doll Eyes Veteran

What i used :

Base : Sleek Blue primer on the lid (Primer Palette)
Crease , blended (transitioncolor) : UD Buck (Naked palette)
Inner Corner : UD Half Baked (Naked Palette)
Crease (over buck) : Sleek Bloody Mary (Curaçao Palette)
Inner crease : Sleek Tangelo (Paraguaya Palette)
Lid : Glamour Dolle Eyes Veteran
Outer Lid , darken the crease : Sleek Purple Haze (Curaçao Palette)
Outer V , Lower lashline : Sleek Espresso Martini (Curaçao Palette)
Browbone and soften down any harsh lines : NYX Light fleshy beige from Bohemian Rhapsody Palette
Waterline : UD 24/7 Perversion
Liner : Bourjois Black Glitter Liner
Black Volume Mascara

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Gorgeous! I simply adore that dark lid colour.

  2. Im totally in love with Sleek Paraguaya Palette.. need to get my hands on it :O
    I love this look so much.. you should be called queen of blending or something cause your blending skills are mad :)
    take care hun

  3. great look, super pretty, im ur new follower i hope u can follow me back Britters89.blogspot.com

  4. Sexy look.
    And wow, so many shadows used and coordinated so well.

  5. Thank you sweeties !

    @shortylegsbeauty : Aww now you make me blush :D *hug*

    @Britney : Thanks ;) , i'm following you :D