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woensdag 11 april 2012

Aromaleigh Chiara and Bloom Swatches

I bought some of the new colors from Aromaleigh's Stock Collections "Bloom" and "Chiara" 
The Stock Collections are the permanent colors .
Chiara really caught my attention for the bright and darker colors , Bloom for the nice sweet soft colors .
There are some more colors on the way to me from Aromaleigh , i will have them somewhere next week . That order contains a few of the the Spring 2012 LE Collection and a couple of the "Muse" stock collection. 
So you'll see more swatches in the next weeks :D

Bloom shades

 Bloom Lunaire

 Bloom Nymphea

Bloom Amandier

 Bloom Paquerette

 Bloom Hellebore

Bloom Fraxinelle

Chiara Shades :

 Chiara Pasqua

Chiara Lucia

 Chiara Amalia

Chiara Vittoria

 Chiara Stella

Chiara Cattarina

Chiara Giacinta

Chiara Elisabetta

 Chiara Giuliana

Chiara Nadalina

9 opmerkingen:

  1. A nice choice of soft hues and bright ones too, I look forward to seeing them in action! x

  2. Wauw wat een mooie kleuren weer meis!!! xox

  3. Some pretty colors! Their samples are still among the smallest in the industry though - was hoping this would change with new ownership.

    1. They are now 1/8 tbsp instead of the previous 1/16tbsp . I didn't put the entire baggie in the jar for these photo's :D , so the samples are actually now twice as much for the same price .

  4. Oh my lord! Those are some really nice shades and you've done such a great job capturing them on photos. I think the Bloom Amandier looks quite interesting, I don't recall having such colour in my stash!
    My visa card does not like this post ;)

  5. I love bloom amandier! That one really stands out for me, the shine, coverage and duochrome (?). Nice buys :)