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donderdag 12 juli 2012

Sleek LE Glory palette and LE Honour Blush

Yesterday i received my newest Sleek palette "Glory" and the blush "Honour"
It's a limited edition collection inspired by the 2012 London Olympics.
It's a fun palette , called "GLORY" , with shimmery shades (only 2 of them are matte) . In this palette a few neutrals and some bright colors . As usual from sleek you get 12 , very pigmented colors for a bugetfriendly price !
Palette : 8,49 € - blush : 6,5 € and the pout polish "PRIDE" : 6,5 € ( i don't have the pout polish ... not yet :D )

Also the blush is shimmery  , a unique color in my opinion . 
I would subscribe it as a shimmery , warm coppery rosy shade . 
It think it would look awesome on a tanned skin and as an eyeshadow !! 
 A smooth , very pigmented blush . 
Sorry guys i suck when it comes to decribe a color :(

Sleek Glory palette

 Sleek Blush Honour

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Amazing palette the colors are so bright and colorful very pretty.

  2. Lots of brights in that palette! The blush looks very wearable!

  3. i love these bright eyeshadows, they can create some statement looks.

    love it!

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  4. What!! A new palette already!!! I need to sit on my hands to not order this one to my home...../Azure

  5. Prachtige swatches meis, ik heb nog niet eens met dit palette gespeeld.....xox