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dinsdag 31 juli 2012

Darling Girl : Not An 80's Band - Swatches

I received this one together with my custom collection . 
I have the labeling based on a popular 80's band  , and the collection had another name ... But i've seen on the webshop from DGC that it's now called "Not An 80's Band" and the colors have other names too. 
I think it's renamed for legal purposes , so i will use the new names here and not the old ones .

On to the collection : Not An 80's Band !

L to R : Tell Me Now - Blue Silver - Miles From Nowhere and Razor's Edge

 L to R : One Night Stand - No Sign Of Life - Cut Me Deeper and Shooting Star

L to R : Lonely Sattelite - Dancing On The Sand - On The Hunt and After You've Gone

 Tell Me Now

Blue Silver

 Miles From Nowhere

Razor's Edge

 One Night Stand

 No sign Of Life

 Cut Me Deeper

Shooting Star

 Lonely Sattelite

 Dancing On The Sand

 On The Hunt

After You've Gone

As you can see , this collection has some complex , unique shades !
My fav's are : Miles From Nowhere , Cut Me Deeper , Shooting Star , Dancing On The Sand and after You've gone .
Anything seen you like ?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Dancing on the Sand looks gorgeous!

  2. I love them all but No Sign Of Life, Dancing On The Sand and After You've Gone look extra amazing :)

  3. S**t! I knew I should have ordered the whole collection! In the last order I placed I chose some petits and samples...

  4. Ooh, they're so pretty! I particularly like On The Hunt: my kind of green!