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maandag 10 september 2012

Deauty box #1

Hi ladies !
"Deauty" is the Belgian version of the "Testtubes" . 
So from the moment they announced that Deauty was born in Belgium , i had to subscribe for it . 
You can take an annual subscription , but i took the monthly subscription for 15€. 
Every month i'll receive a cute box with 4 to 6 trial versions of luxury brands .

Today i received my first Deauty box and i was so excited to see what was in it . In this box are 5 products and some are fullsizes , yay !

 The box ! Look how cute it is ... i know it's just a black box with "Deauty" on it , but i love this kind of things :)

 Inside the box 

 This box came with a letter with information about "Deauty" . It's a total new concept in Belgium . So it's handy to read some information about it :)

 A note with descriptions of the products you received , also the retail price .
I paid 15€ for this box , but the total of products is worth +/- 75€ !
A bargain , don't you think ?

And these are the products of this month !

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I have been using the Mythic oil for about 6 months and love it. WOW! Yes what a bargain, Mythic alone is worth more than 15 Euros!

  2. Totally bargain of course! I wish I was subscribed to something like this!!

  3. Yay! That's awesome Belgium is finally getting a subscription service like this! Looks a lot better than the birchbox!

  4. I don't subscribe to any beauty boxes, but I wish I did! This looks like so much fun!

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