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vrijdag 7 september 2012

NOTD : OPI Black Spotted - Catrice Genius In The Bottle

It's been a very long time since i did an NOTD post
Today i have a fun one for you :)
OPI's The Amazing Spiderman Collection includes a special effect topper : OPI Black Spotted .
Sadly , it's Sephora France exclusive and prices on Ebay are going mental for this Black Spotted topper. I saw prices around 70 € . 
Sephora FR sells these for 13.9 € and i had to pay 9.95 € shipping ... so still less expensive than most Ebay prices ! Lucky me , Sephora FR ships to Belgium :D

Now on to the nails ;)
I used Catrice's Genius In The Bottle and Essence Topper You're A Goldmine
On top , the OPI Spotted polish
As you can see , my first attempt isn't so good ... but overall i was pretty happy with the result. 
It's important that you use a VERY thin layer and your colored polish has to be DRY for the best results. I used to much product on my pink and ringfinger.

 Left hand : pink and ringfinger failed here :)

 Right hand

Catrice Genius In The Bottle - Essence You're A Goldmine and OPI's Black Spotted.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend !

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ohmygosh LOVE this and can't believe it's only available in France ): Sob!

  2. Just wow! Well done on even scoring that nail polish. It looks amazing.

  3. WOW!! I've never seen a nail polish like that before!