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woensdag 28 augustus 2013

Pictures: visit to a submarine :)

Hello there ! Hope you're all doing great ?
I'm on vacation right now and i had some time for blogging , so i thought it woud be fun to show some pictures from a trip we did . We went to visit an old Russian Submarine and a lightship . It was so much fun ! I've always wanted to see a submarine from the inside , so this was a great opportunity :)
I'm a sucker for military kinda things like a submarine , a battleship or a cargoplane like the C130 . Athough i really don't like sailing.
It's a very old submarine type U-480 Foxtrot 641. They simulated the sound of the engines and you could even smell the motoroil ... i cannot believe that those soldiers lived in here for 3 months ! It was so tight inthere . We also saw a lightship ... with me as captain LOL

So enjoy these pictures !



We even had to climp through those small holes ... how did they do this ? I was struggling here . Those military guys need to be fast when they do that ....  :/
Captain of the lightship : The West-Hinder II , LOL
Some technical information of the submarine and the lightship
(in dutch)

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