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dinsdag 6 augustus 2013

Swatchfest ! Too Faced Little Black Book of Beauty

This is a palette that was released in the autumn of 2012 i think , so it's not new . I've seen it back then , but i was not sure if i would buy it or not ... so yeah it took me almost a year before i decided to buy this little one :) It was not so expensive , and it was on sale so it was a great opportunity to try it out .
You get 12 eyeshadows , a lipgloss , a bronzer , a highlighter , 2 blushes and a travel size Lash Injection 2 Mascara . So i thought it was a good deal for 33€ . It's a complete kit , again good for travelling .... i start to like these kind of sets !
I mostly use only eyeproducts on daily bases , i do not wear foundation , blush etc. every single day ... i just don't have the time in the morning for the whole routine and i prefer a good eyelook rather than a perfect polished face :) Mainly because my skin is pretty okay without anything on it otherwise i would use more foundation and stuff like that . I do use a facepowder regularly , just because it mattifies my skin . I only take the time for a whole faceroutine when i'm going out or for a special occasion . I was not always like that , in my teenage years a used foundations etc. every day !

Okay back to the little black book :)
The eyeshadows are wearable colors . The only downside is that the matte shades in it are pretty chalky , and not the best pigmentation :( 
The purple is a matte/satin i would say , and it has a slight blue sheen to it , pretty but also not the best pigmentation ...
The first shade , called "Light Beige Shimmer" , is not shimmery at all ! It's matte ... and very sheer .
Matte Rose is also very sheer , and so is Taupe Shimmer . 

The blushes , bronzer and highlighter are lovely . They are pigmented , but not too much and i like that for faceproducts . It makes the colors buildable .
Lipgloss is a nude dusty pink , smells good and it feels nice on my lips ... it's not the sticky kind of gloss , so me likes !
I purchased mine at Beautybay.com 

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  1. Shame the formula wasn't 100% on all of them, but they're really pretty. T least you got it on sale, too.