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zondag 8 september 2013

My Nail polish Collection

My sweet hubby made a nail polish rack for me last week ! And this is how it looks with my polishes in it . He's going to make a second one , because i have a bunch of glitter polishes left  :)
I actually didn't realize i have so many polishes , haha . But now i have a better view of what i have ! So i thought it was about time to show you guys my collection ! Here it comes ...

2 boxes full of sparkly polishes and 1 box with mini's ...  

Do you own that many polishes ? Or i'm i the only one who's a nail polish geek ?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I don't like very much polish I prefer make up but when I see this, the only word is WOW *__* !!!! I want to see your make up collection, please, please, please :)

  2. Whoop u are a nailoholic :) and u h ave a got a nice hubby too <3
    letme know if you want to follow each other!

  3. Wow. I have a lot of nail polish (or so I thought) but nothing like this! I'm impressed you're so well organised.

  4. Great collection! The rack is a great idea, mine are all in a drawer so they are hard to see, you sometimes forget what you have.