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maandag 23 september 2013

Pictures : 15th wing Open Door - Melsbroek,Belgium

Hello ladies !
I went to a fun event last saturday , something i was so excited about for a very long time !
It was de 15th Wing Open Door at Melsbroek , Belgium .  It was the 65th anniversary of the wing together and 40 years of operational service of the C130 . The C130 is one of my favorite military planes , and i wanted to see it in close up :) So this was a great opportunity to do that . I see them al the time flying over my house ( and they come very low ! ) , but it was always a dream to see one from a close view and to see it from the inside . You could win a flight with it and with some other planes from the Belgian Army also , but unfortunately i didn't win the maiden flight :( ... *sigh* ...
I had a fun day, so here are some pictures ! (It's just a small selection of the huge amount of pictures i've took :) )

This C130 got a special painting for the 65th anniversary of the wing !

Inside the Cargo area

Demonstration of the Special Forces

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