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dinsdag 19 november 2013

Swatchfest ! Darling Girl "Welcome to the Asylum" LE Collection

"This collection was Limited Edition and is no longer available ."

I was happy i could buy the last set of this collection and i have no regret that i did it :)
Seriously , these are freakin' gorgeous shades ! It includes a gorgeous golden color : Lana Banana . Susan is just fabulous with golds ! I don't know how she does it , but every single time she made a gold it's just the perfect gold ! She is the queen of Golds ;) , i've never seen such beautiful gold shades from an indie company , i really mean that . This gold reminds me of Sugarpill's Goldilux : intense rich gold with a ton of golden sparkles in it . Another amazing color in this collection is : Sister Demon . Surprise Surprise , it's purple LOL
Deep eggplant color with a ton of multicolored glitter in it . 
anyways , this whole collection is just insane :) ! 
As usual from Darling Girl , the shadows are very pigmented and easy to blend. No wonder that Darling Girl is one of my favorite indie companies

Let the pictures speak for themselves !

My favorites : Sister Demon , Angel of Death , Lana Banana and The Crucifixion

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