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zondag 17 november 2013

Swatchfest! Sleek Celestial Palette

Yes , another LE palette from sleek . They are going fast :) 
The colors in this palette reflects the colors of the solar system !

"Mythical and mysterious, this palette brings together deep purples and blues to create the illusion of the stars, and create a look that could be from a parallel universe"

In this palette are a few duochrome colors , and i think this is new for sleek palettes . I can't remember that there are duochromes in other palettes , correct me if i'm wrong ! Well done sleek ! Maybe they can make a next palette with only duochromes in it , that would be a fun idea if you ask me !!

"Eclipse" is a warm reddish brown with green duochrome , very similar to many others like : MAC's Club , Urban Decay Lounge , Girly from the Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette , WnW has a similar color in the Comfort Zone palette ....

"Saturn's Ring" is a beautiful purple with blue duochrome : Very similar to Darling Girl's  Basket Case

"Stargaze" is not really a duochrome , or it was not Sleek's intention to make a duochrome of this color , but i do see some colorchanging in certain angles . It's a lilac color , with a slight greyish undertone and a bit of silvery pink sheen in it ( sorry i'm terrible in color descriptions ) , or maybe it's just my eye that catch it that way :)

Also "Lunar" is nice : it's a silvery icy blue 

We have a good mixture of mattes , mettalics , sparkly and satin colors in this palette . Some mattes are a bit harder to work with , like "Meteoric" and "Terrestrial" does not have the most incredible color pay off , but it's buildable 
Most of the colors in this palette are very pigmented and easy to blend. That's why i love Sleek so much , amazing quality for less money !

Overall i think this palette is a nice must have in your collection . 
Looks are coming soon :)
I purchased mine at Sleekmakeup.com for 9,99€

So , what do you think of this palette ? Must have or not ?

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