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woensdag 7 mei 2014

Comparison : MUA Undress Me Too vs. Urban Decay Naked 2 and MUA Undressed vs. Urban Decay Naked 1

Hi girls ! Today a comparison between MUA Undressed Me too and UD Naked 2 and MUA Undressed and UD Naked 1 ... The MUA palettes are great dupes for the Naked palettes from UD . For those who are on a budget and still dreaming abouth the Naked palettes , well here's your alternative ! 
Although the mattes in the MUA palettes are not as pigmented as they should be , are the shimmery ones amazing. However it's not a dead - on dupe , the colors are almost identical . If you just look at the palettes they look identical, but when swatch next to each other you can see a little difference .

Pricetag : 
MUA palettes : 5,99 € each
UD Naked palettes  : 46,40 € each ( at Beautybay.com )

Let's take a look , shall we ?

MUA Undressed vs. Urban Decay Naked

MUA Undress Me Too vs. Urban Decay Naked 2

3 opmerkingen:

  1. They're pretty close but definitely not exactly the same! Which one do you like better?

    1. Personally i like the Urban Decay ones more. The quality and staying power is better than than the MUA ones .

  2. Thank you so much for the swatches! I'm a huge shimmer lover and have almost no matte shadows, I always go for shimmer so I love the MUA palettes! I think I need to pick up the Undress Too and then I'll probably get the Naked3! Glad to hear you like them!