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dinsdag 6 mei 2014

Swatchfest and mini reviews ! Urban Decay - Too Faced and MUA

As promised , swatches of the goodies i've showed you in a previous post . Sorry it took me so long , but life is so hectic ...
My dad is in the hospital again and i'm spending time with him after i'm done with work and also the care for Luna takes more time now .
I have a week off now , so i have some extra time to do some fun stuff . It helps me to relax a bit of all the misery that's going on in my life 
Sorry for my lack of commenting on all your posts lately , but i do read them though ! 

 Love these bright colors ! They are super pigmented and they blend like a dream . Slowburn , Savage , Jilted and Urban are not supposed to use around the eye area because they could give some irriration , but i haven't noticed any irritation at all on my quite sensitive eyes :) 
And i think this warning is only indicated on the USA palettes , because i couldn't find it on my palette . But i think it has to do with the FDA has not tested these for the eye area or something like that . We don't have this issue in Europe . I bought mine at Beautybay.com which is located in UK .

 I really enjoy this cream liner . Don't take too much at once on your brush or it will look a bit messy . It's also hard to make a crisp line when your are using too much product at once . But with the right amount , it's fabulous !
It's smudgeproof , once it's set it won't go anywere during the day . It's not fully waterproof though , i would rather say it's water-resistant  ,and  it also works quite well on the waterline . It's a truly deep black cream liner . I wish that the formula was a tiny bit more creamier , but with the right brush it's a great liner ! It works best with a synthetic brush , angled or a real liner brush . I used it with a Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush and that works great .

A new favorite eyeliner pen ! It's a liquid formula with a shiny finish ! Comparable with Phisicians Formula 2in1 EyeBooster Eye Liner or Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Waterproof  Eye Liner  Pen . The tip is very fine and flexible enough which makes it easy to create a beautiful winged liner . The pigmentation could be a tiny bit better in my opinion . Once it's set the liner won't budge during the day , but i would not say it's really waterproof ...

 Also this palette is so much fun ! The pink color "Monaco" is similar , if not an exact dupe , to "Totally Fetch" from the Pretty Rebel palette , so i would love to see a different kind of pink instead of this one . This palette has no matte shades , so i wish one of the 3 lighter shades was a matte one . The colors are very pigmented and very blendable . The coppy shade "Cannes" is a bit chunckier and harder to work with , but if you apply it wet it's very nice ! Also "De La Mer" could be a bit more pigmented , but the color is buildable. 
 It's perfect for a dramatic look or a more wearable look , it's up to you :)

 The Extreme Metallic palettes from MUA are gorgeous ! The pigmentation could be a bit better , but hey for 4,59€ i can't complain ! The colors are buttery soft and they blend very well . And if you use them wet , the metallic finish will be even more metallic !

These palettes do remind me of the Sleek palettes . Especially the "Undressed" palette looks similar to Sleek's Storm palette , but it's not an exact dupe . While the Storm palette has a burgundy , a dark green and dark blue and some more darker browns , has this undressed palette more coppery toned shades.
Anyways , i like the shimmery finishes but i don't like the mattes . The shimmery ones are very smooth and pigmented . The mattes are not pigmented at all and very hard to use . But again for 5,99 € i can't complain and overall i really enjoyed these palettes lately . I have used them daily for just a neutral eyelook .
My favorite out of these 2 is the "Undress Me Too" palette .

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  1. OMG, I'm so jealous! The electric palette really looks fantastic and I know I WILL get the A la mode palette, freaking love the hot pink and the two rows of neutrals! Glad you liked the MUA palettes, the mattes aren't pigmented but the shimmery shades are lovely! I WANT the undress me too but is it anywhere near a dupe for the Naked2?

    1. Haha :) I think you will love the A La Mode palette :)
      Yes the Undress Me too is a good dupe for the Naked 2. The colors are almost identical . I'm going to do a comparison between those 2 palettes , as well as for the Undressed palette and Naked 1 .

  2. I love the A la mode palette and the electric palette... STUNNING is the only word I can come up with to describe them properly :)
    Really wonderful goodies sweetie :)
    Oh and don´t worry... you post when you can and answer comments and visit blogs when you feel you have the energy to do it... your dad and Luna goes first. Without a doubt :) <3