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dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

WnW ColorIcon Glitter Kits : Swatches and some Luna cuteness :D

These are Limited Edition and some of them look pretty similar to the Holiday Collection from last year . I'm thinking of the Night ELF Palette , Golden Godess one and Snow Sprite . Alsmost the same colors in each palette , only these are creamy and glittery . So maybe you can use these as a perfect base for the collection from last year :D.  Or, to add that little extra sparkle to your Holiday Makeup  !
I like them !!! They are sparkly , so of course i like them LOL. Unlike the Fantasy Makers Glitter Palettes , are these a little more packed with glitter . All the colors in these palettes , you also can find in The Fantasy Makers Palettes . They have a creamy , metallic or shimmery base but the glitter is more present in the actual shades themselves. The kit also include a mini shimmer pencil in Black . But this looks just black to me ??? So on to the productphoto's and swatches ! I'll try to make some looks with my new goodies soon .

 ColorIcon glitter Kit Main street Glitz

 ColorIcon Glitter Kit Tinsel Mall

 ColorIcon Glitter Kit Twinkle Town

ColorIcon Glitter Kit Shimmer Station

 Pencil that's included in the palette

And for  comparison :

Golden Godess vs. Main Street Glitz

Snow Sprite vs. Twinkle Town

Night ELF vs. Shimmer Station

And my big boy Luna was watching over me when i was making the swatches !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. These are all so cute - and so is your kitty! I thought of Night Elf as well when I saw Shimmer Station/

  2. Those are very close to last years palettes! I'm glad I picked those up for you when I did, I can't seem to find any more of them! Love the kitty! Very cute!

  3. Hmmmm, that first one looks really good but the other ones ... not so much .... thanks for swatching and letting us see.

    P.S. Your cat looks like my cat and he's adorablleeeeee

  4. Woww the shades are soo pretty <3 Love all the palettes especially the first one!!!! Thanks for the cute pics :)