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woensdag 5 oktober 2011

WnW DreamWeaver Palettes : Swatches - MoodMagic Lipstick : swatch

All 6 of the Dreamweaver palettes with swatches

 Bright Idea

 Dancing in the Clouds

 Earth Looks Small From Down Here

 Enter A New Realm

 Fly Me To The Moon

 We're Blasting Off

The MoodMagic Lipstick . Blue color , but transfers in a purple color on the lips and i love the color ! It stays at least 6 hours on my lips and they feel moisturised too. Your body chemistry create an unique color for your lips. Color changes depending on your mood .

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Earth Looks Small From Down Here (what a mouthful!) looks like the best palette to me - definitely gorgeous. Loving all of the swatches and that mood lipstick. Pretty (:

  2. I love that lipstick! So cute. And fun that it's colour changing, I love seeing people's looks when you go to apply a green lipstick!

  3. These palettes are so pretty, I still can't get over the quality of these palettes for the price!

  4. I'm actually surprised how dark that lipstick is! I figured it would be sheer! Very pretty color!

  5. Woww gorgeous palettes <3 thanks for the swatches honey!!!!

  6. Mooie swatches!!!!!!! Fijne paletjes weer he!

  7. My favorite is "Enter A New Realm" and I love how that mood lipstick looks on your lips!! :-)

  8. I love the DreamWeaver palettes :)
    I own (thanks to Jill) all of them except for Bright Idea and Fly me to the moon :) I love the ones I have soo much :)

    That lipstick seems so cool :) Looks great on you :)
    btw, did you receive my mail? Im not sure if I sent it to the right address :)

  9. I nabbed these palettes when I saw them in the store and now I don't see them anywhere so woohoo! Win! :) I can't wait to see what you do with them :)