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dinsdag 29 november 2011

Darling Girl Diamond Dust and watercolor paint pot : Swatches

Yes , some more swatches today :D

This time : Darling Girls Diamond Dust eye shadows and and 2 Watercolor Paint Pots.
I also have the Rainbow Brite collection , so you will swatches of these soon.
Again , the swatches aren't the best , it isn't easy to capture some of the duochrome effects and glitter. So most of them are a bit blurry because this is how you see the glittery effects more .

Here we go !!

 Top Row : From L to R : Flare , Sushi flower , Totally Teal and Verdant Dream
Bottom Row : From L to R : Lucy In The Sky , Moondust , Wood Sprite and Dark Crystal

 Flare , Sushi Flower , Totally Teal and Verdant Dream

 Lucy In The Sky , Moondust , Wood Sprite and Dark Crystal

 Darling Girl Diamond Dust Flare
reddish brown pearl with red/pink diamond dust shimmer

 Darling Girl Diamond dust Sushi Flower
an amazing iridescent blue/purple with a rainbow of diamond dust sparkle

 Darling girl Diamond Dust Totally Teal
a almost matte teal base with red/pink Diamond Dust glitter

Darling Girl Diamond Dust Verdant Dream
a gorgeous mint green with a soft violet shift and pink 'Diamond Dust'

 Darling Girl Diamond Dust Lucy In The Sky
a gorgeous retro blue with gold iridescence and red/pink diamond dust sparkle

 Darling Girl Diamond Dust Moondust
a gorgeous silvery taupe with tons of 'Diamond Dust'

 Darling Girl Diamond Dust Wood Sprite
a pretty plummy taupe with red/orange flash golden green diamond dust sparkle

 Darling Girl Diamond Dust Dark Crystal
Deep graphite with color shift from lilac, red/silver to greenish blue with red/pink diamond dust sparkle

 This is a sample that susan sent me in my order . It has no name yet 
It's a baby pink watercolor with some gold reflection

Darling Girl Watercolor Paint Pot Pyramid of Skulls
burgundy pearl

My favorites : Sushi Flower , Moondust , Wood Sprite and Dark Crystal

6 opmerkingen:

  1. No, I'm going to be destitute (but with awesome makeup) once I get my hands on all the goodies you've been showing off lately. So pretty!

  2. Thanks for the beautiful swatches. ^^ Sushi flower is calling my name. I love lucy in the sky too.

  3. So many pretty colors! I will be interested in your thoughts on the Watercolor Paint Pots after you have had a chance to use them!

  4. Oh my! I ordered the diamond dust sample set and they all seem to deserve a full size :P really curious to know how the watercolors perform...