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maandag 14 november 2011

EOTD Aromaleigh Fall Tapestry : Tracy / Celine / Sonia / Elie / Grazia

 A first look i did with Aromaleigh's Fall Tapestry collection. Very quick and easy and i'm not sure if i like it , i love the colors , don't get me wrong :D
Oh well ... i show it anyways ;)

Catrice Gelliner : Sherlock & Khaki Holmes

 Aromaleigh Tracy

 Aromaleigh Celine

 Aromaleigh Sonia

Aromaleigh Elie

 Aromaleigh Grazia

Aromaleigh Miuccia

what i used :

Base : Catrice Gelliner 040 Sherlock & Khaki Holmes on the lid , blended
Lid to crease : AL Tracy (Fall Tapestry)
Browbone to crease : Estee Lauder e/s Champagne Bubbles
Crease , blended up : AL Celine (Fall Tapestry)
Outer Lid : AL Elie (Fall Tapestry)
Deeper Crease , blended : AL Sonia (Fall Tapestry)
Inner Corner : AL Miuccia (Fall Tapestry)
Lower lashline : UD 24/7 Oil Slick , blended
On top of it : AL Grazia (Fall Tapestry)
Liner : MAC Fluidline Blacktrack
Black Volume Mascara

9 opmerkingen:

  1. ik zeg: helemaal niets mis mee, wat een mooie kleuren!! staat je prachtig!

  2. I love that you always add photos of the products that you have used to create the look! <3

  3. I love this look :)
    Oh how I wish I had your lashes hun :) they are so beautiful :)

  4. Very pretty! Not quite as bold as your usual looks, but still stunning! I really like that lid color and the green on the lower lashline!

  5. So gorgeous! I've been dying to see you use the new Aromaleigh colours. You're too hard on yourself because this is really lovely.

  6. Aww thanks girls !

    @Morgaine : Dank je lieverd ! Ze zijn supermooi deze collectie . Ben benieuwd naar de "starry night" collectie , zit vol spanning te wachten op men pakje , LOL X

    @Swatchfreak : Aww thanks lovely ! I think it's very useful to see the differences of the colors in the jar and when you apply them on your eyes . I like to show my used products :D

    @shortylegsbeauty : Aww thanks hun !

    @The Peach : Thank you lovely, and it's a very gorgeous color that green . It looks even better in real life ;)

    @olgiepolgie : aww thanks hun , i'm not as confident as you would think :S

    @Rakhshanda : Aww thank you dear !

  7. This is a very pretty look just not a bold as most of what you show us. And the Catrice gel liner looks heavenly in the jar!

  8. Oh my, those Aromaleigh colours are fantastic! So pretty!