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woensdag 30 november 2011

Fyrinnae Halloween 2011 : Swatches

I kow it's a bit late for Halloween Colors :D , but i still wanted to share these with you all !
They are freakin' amazing and they are perfect for the Holiday season too ,
so ...

Top Row : L to R : Purgatory , Book of the Death , Bride of Frankenstein
Bottom Row : L to R : Alchemist's Curse , Raven's Prophecy , Wake not the Death


 Book of the Death

Arcane Magic Bride of Frankenstein

 Arcane Magic Are You My Mummy ?

 Arcane Magic Alchemist's Curse

Arcane Magic Raven's Prophecy

Arcane Magic Wake Not The Death

My favorites : Book of the Death , Alchemist's Curse , Raven's Prophecy

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Geweldig zijn ze he! Ik mis alleen Steampunk en Dorian Grey volgens mij? de swatches zijn ook weer geweldig!!! xxx

  2. Wowie all the Arcane Magic ones look incredible. I need these. o.o

  3. I don't have to feel jealous of you today because I'm actually waiting for these to arrive! They're all such lovely colours. I'm glad I got them all.

  4. So many pretties! Love Purgatory and Book of the Dead! I still need to wear Wake Not the Dead! Such a pretty color!