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zaterdag 17 maart 2012

My entire posts on this blog ??? I didn't gave my permission for it !!

Does anyone of my lovely readers know this blog : aroundbeauty.blogspot.com ?
I was searching on the internet and i found my blogposts on this blog ??? 
I didn't gave any permission to place my posts on anyone elses their blog .
Anyone who had the same ?

My gosh , i don't like this at all . I share all my looks , but if someone wants to use my pictures ( my complete posts in this case !!! ) i want them to ask me for it , darn !

Blogging should be fun , not irritating by the fact that someone places your post on a site . I want my posts removed from that blog , grrrrrrrrr

11 opmerkingen:

  1. I just had the same thing happen to me! Liber Vix contacted me to let me know my posts were on a "spam" blog. I just posted about it in my "Saturday Randomness" post today. Darcy told me not to freak out and don't take any of you posts down. Use the blogger help to file a complaint. I have filed multiple complaints so far and so has one of the other bloggers who had their posts stolen to.

    Yeah, I hear you about blogging is supposed to be fun. Its very depressing to see people stealing your posts :( Hang in there.

  2. wow! im shocked. sorry this has happened to you dear

  3. OMG! I checked it out, they don't seem to be selling anything, but I have left them a comment telling them that it's stolen from the creator, which has been published. Bloggers spend a lot of time and effort in their blogs, cannot believe someone has blatantly ripped it off...why bother? I am new to blogging and was unaware that people do this, so hope you can get it sorted out....

  4. I don't get this at all, my first guess was that they'd have a lot of adds and try to make a profit out of that while using your content, but there's no adds.. I hope they take that blog down soon!

  5. :O I checked it out too. Shame on them! I hope you can do something about this and take the photos out of the blog.

  6. ugh, this is happening more and more lately. not cool. try reporting it here:


    keep after it, don't remove any of your posts, and hopefully soon the blog will be taken down. i'm sorry this is happening to you. :(

  7. Nooo! Why would anyone do this? You may need to start watermarking your photos.

  8. shame on them! i think you should be in touch with the blog-url in mind and let them know what's been going on and make sure to ban this awful person!!!!!/Azure

  9. I don't know anything about watermarking phots, but make sure you have a copyright line on every page of your blog! Hope this gets straightened out soon!

  10. WTF? They stole, like, ALL your posts!!! That is terrible. I don't know how you can get them removed :(

  11. They have stolen posts from Do Not Refreeze and left the watermarks on the photos!! I don't get what the purpose of the site is. There's another one called http://nice-beauty-topics.blogspot.com/ doing the same thing.