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maandag 19 maart 2012

EOTD : Darling Girl Canary - Luxe - Redemption - Chemical Warfare

Redemption was a GWP shade , a complex and unique color . Bronze reflection in the jar and applied over a base you will also have the bronze intensity , when blended it appears as a nice bronzy green shade ! Really lovely .

Yves Rocher JEP Or soleil

 DG Canary

 DG Luxe

 DG Redemption

 DG Chemical Warfare

DG Ruby Soho

What i used :

Base : Yves rocher JEP Or soleil (Jardins des Nymphes)
Inner 1/3 of the lid / inner lower lashline :  DG Canary (Rainbow Brite)
Middle of the lid : DG Luxe
Outer Lid , crease , lower lashline : DG Redemption (GWP)
Crease , above Redemption : DG Chemical Warfare (Darling Grrl!)
Browbone : DG Adoration
Waterline : Yves Rocher JEP Or soleil
Liner : DG Ruby Soho , wetlined with Inglot Duraline
ELF Liquid Liner Black
WnW Superlength Mascara Black

9 opmerkingen:

  1. You always choose the most interesting shades! I have never seen anything like this color before and I own a LOT of eyeshadow!

  2. Great look! I really love the dab of gold in the middle of your eyelid, it's a pretty original placement of color and gives some extra dimension to the look :)

  3. Geweldig gaaf meis! Wat een schitterende combinatie, en Chemical Welfare... wauw! En de dubbele liner is echt super gaaf!! Overigens heb ik zelf nu ook de Duraline, wat een topspul, sky is the limit met onze leuke verzameling oogschaduw haha xox

    This is beautiful :) You honestly can come up with the most wonderful makeup looks ever :)
    I wish I was as good when it comes to blending as you are :)
    Im getting better though :)
    Those pigments look amazing.. all of them :)

  5. Wow! Those are some really pigmented shadows and I love your work on this one. The red detail was such a great move. Only bad thing is that this looks makes me want to go berserk on the shadows from Darling Girl!

  6. Redemption is amazing! I love how the eyeliner came out, too. So vibrant.