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woensdag 14 maart 2012

1 minute for 28 lost young lives

Hi gals , todays it's a black day for Belgium .... 28 kids has lost their lives in a busaccident , on their way back home from snowclasses in Switzerland... 3 children are in a coma , but they have serious braindamage , the other ones has survived the accident , luckily, but have some serious enjuries too .
I want to ask 1 minute for their lost lives . It was a horrible accident , their bus hits a tunnelwall frontal and all the children at the front died instantly. The front of the bus was just gone ... completely . They were about 12 years .
I sympathize with the parents their heavy loss ,loosing a child is just horrible .
I haven't much words to say ... there isn't much to say ... they are gone forever , altough they will live forever in our hearts :(
It gave me goosebumps and shivers when i heard the news . They don't know what happened yet , but the driver wasn't drunk and the bus was pretty new ...

So rest in peace little ones , pain is over now , but we won't forget , it's carved in our memories forever. Courage and strength to the parents who lost their child.

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  1. :( So sorry to hear that. What an awful accident.

  2. I read about this and it made me cry.. its always horrible when people die to soon whether it be because of an illness or accidents but its always chilling when it has to do with children...
    My heart is with the entire Belgium, their parents and ofcourse with the children and the others loosing their lives...
    Rest in peace sweeties :'(

  3. Mooi verwoord, wat een afschuwelijk ongeluk.....

  4. That's awful! I'm so sorry to hear that. :(

  5. Incredibly sad news. Thinking of their families at this difficult time.x

  6. my prayers go out to their families