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maandag 28 januari 2013

EOTD (inspired) : Urban Decay The Vice : Blitz - Chaos - Unhinged - Junkie

I saw this look on Morgaine's Realm and i just had to recreate it myself :D
If you haven't checked her blog yet , go do so ! She does some fun and colorful looks ;)

Here's my recreation .

What i used :

NYX JEP in milk on the lid and inner corner , blended
Inner 1/2 of the lid : UD Blitz
Outer part : UD Chaos
Crease , blended up : UD Unhinged
Browbone : UD Anonymous
Inner corner to inner crease : UD Echo Beach
Outer V , deepen the crease : UD Junkie
Lower Lashline : Outer : Essence Jumbo Duo eyepencil Let's Hit The Slope , teal side (Snow Jam)
Inner : UD 24/7 Shadow pencil Sin
on top : Outer : UD Unhinged
Inner : UD Blitz
Waterline : Teal side from Essence duo jumbo pencil Let's Hit The Slope
Liner : Catrice Gel Liner Black Jack with Black Jack
Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Mascara Black

4 opmerkingen:

  1. wow, it's just amazing eye makeup Luna, very pretty <3

  2. Yay blue! I love when you wear blue. This look is awesome, as is the original.

  3. Simply amazing :)
    I never seem to be able to look good in blue eye shadow now a days.. I used to wear blue eye shadow ALL THE TIME when I was a teenager but not so much anymore.. maybe I got so used to wearing it and got tired of it as a teen that I don´t think it looks good on my when I wear it now :)
    YOU on the other hand look SO GOOD in it :)

  4. I love how these blues and golds and teals go together! Very striking!