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zaterdag 19 januari 2013

Nature Life - Luna Cuteness and the story behind his name ...

Nothing Makeup related today , just some pictures from my sweetheart Luna and some cute birds in my back garden . 
We have a true invasion of different kind of birds this winter :D 
I enjoy watching them and taking pictures of these little guys !
Here are a few pic's !

Also some pic's of my Luna and the story behind his name ...

And my sweetie Luna ! 
I know Luna is a female name and my love is a boy ... but there's a story behind his name .

My fist cat (Sheba) that i and my hubby had , was very sick . After 1,5 years we lost her . That day was like hell to me , i was sick because of her death . I did everything i could to save her , but it shouldn't have been ... she died a terrible death . We brought her to an animal hospital the day before , where she died at night. Even now , when i think of it , i still cry for her ....  
If i had known that she was so terrible sick and would suffer in the last hours of her life , i would helped her to die peacefully . I wasn't even with her when it happened  ... :*(  
It still hurts every single day , when i think of it ....

So after a few weeks , we took a new cat . I was so happy , because a new pet would helped me through her death process . I felt dark and gloomy , nothing else could have helped me through this process than caring for a new cat. 
So Luna brought me light into the darkness , i felt better after a few days , he was my perfect cure . "Luna" - the moon . Brings light into darkness . That's why i called hem "Luna" .
He's 11,5 years now .

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  1. Aww that is such a sweet story! I'm sorry about your cat :( I had a dog who died like that and it makes me cry to this day as well.

  2. I am a fellow amateur ornithologist who delights at watching the birds in the garden. I am also a fellow cat lover. I just wanted to say how moving your story is. My cat Lucie looks like Luna, but nearly all black. They would make a very handsome couple, though Luna would be Lucie's 'toyboy' as she is 18 years old now!!! ;) x

  3. What a very sad but sweet story, I'm sorry about Sheba. I know it really hurts to lose a cat. I lost my cat Oreo, who was my childhood cat, after she lived 15 years. If it weren't for my cat now (V), I couldn't have lived like that in pain. Me and V grieved together for Oreo. He really helped me through. I love the name Luna and what it stands for. Luna is very handsome! V is black and white too :)

  4. So sorry to hear about Sheba. That must have been awful. Luna is such a handsome boy! And I love how he got his name. My Luna is named after a song by Moonspell.

    Lou x

  5. So sorry for your Sheba but you were so lucky to meet this treasure to help you go through this - he's just adorable!

  6. Sorry to hear about your cat, that's the worst part of having animals i think. When they're not there anymore.
    But luckily you have another and you two have some nice memories together too i can imagine!!

    But i thought you'd got your name a bit from luna from harry potter!! Haha it might sound so wrong but that's what i thought. She' s one of my favorite, there are a few people in this world who can pull of a lion hat as well as she can!!!!/Azure

  7. That is such a sweet story. I love my two cats so much, I can't even imagine how hard it will be when they pass away. Luna is such a cutie, it is nice that you have had him for so long!